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Collaborate on Design and Engineering Projects for Electronic Products in the Cloud

Xcelerator Share is a cloud-based collaboration platform that gives you secure cloud storage space and synchronization with your desktop when using Siemens tools for electronic design and simulation.

Xcelerator Share offers a rich set of features to aid everyday collaboration.

Xcelerator Share helps you solve many challenges related to teamwork and data sharing, making Digital Transformation more accessible, flexible and scalable.

Why choose Xcelerator Share?

Helps teams that are not always co-located

Traditional office settings where everyone is co-located are becoming rarer, especially in these pandemic times. Instead, teams are dispersed locally or even globally, with the internet becoming the lifeline for productivity.

Allows consistent access to project data

When teams are made up also of external players, like supply chain or customers, need to be closely involved to ensure success. Xcelerator Share allows sharing data externally with multiple team players, avoiding confusion on which dataset is the latest in case of concurrent development.

Efficiently connects regional and domain expertise

Xcelerator Share helps teams with regional expertise, often in different countries. In these cases “always on” access to data is required, and there is the need to connect different functions of the business to address the multiple domains of a Digital Twin.

Ensures secure access to data

Xcelerator Share helps you to give the right people the right level of access to the right data, but also to address the problem of data access by the wrong people and protect against it.

Xcelerator Share has a rich set of collaboration features

Secure cloud storage
Desktop file syncing
Permission-based project sharing
Task management
Engineering-centric view & markup
Augmented Reality (AR)
Messaging and notifications
Any-device, instant-on access
Multi-user overwrite protection
Connection to Teamcenter

Xcelerator Share extends your engineering environment

How do you exchange engineering information with partners or get feedback from customers? Do you find yourself perpetually explaining the project context? Can team members review designs and make decisions when they are away from their normal work environment? Communicating via email or using file-sharing tools can prevent the seamless exchange of ideas and limit productivity.

Xcelerator Share extends your engineering environment through a connected cloud-based service for fast ad-hoc collaboration for all stakeholders. It includes cloud storage with desktop synchronization, secure product sharing with task management, design-centric view and markup, and browser-based access. The best part of products across the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio includes a connection to this service so you can start collaborating right away.

In the following video, you can see Xcelerator Share in action with a practical example.

Stores files on the cloud with desktop syncing

Stores files on the cloud with desktop syncing

Share projects securely

Share projects securely

View and markup your design files

View and markup your design files

Access your file from any device

Access your file from any device


An Ebook that explains the essentials of migrating to Xcelarator as a Service (XaaS).

Xcelerator as a Service

Xcelerator Share is the first cloud component of Xcelerator as a Service (XaaS) subscriptions.

Siemens, its partners such as Cadlog, and their customers are facilitating Digital Transformation with Xcelerator as a Service. What is Xcelerator? It is a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of software, services, and an application development platform. It is designed to help companies of all sizes become digital enterprises with solutions that can be personalized and adapted ​to fit customer and industry-specific needs.

Siemens is expanding Xcelerator to include capabilities provided by the cloud, further enhancing collaboration and cross-domain capabilities, with new functionality being added over time.

Siemens is also enhancing its subscription offer by including these cloud services in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, making Xcelerator more accessible, flexible and scalable depending on business needs. With Software as a Service from Siemens, access to Xcelerator just got easier, while providing ongoing value via connection to the cloud. From startup to large enterprise: scale your design, manufacturing, and IoT capabilities to match product and market requirements.

xcelerator share
Xcelerator Share is a cloud-based solution that lets you easily connect your engineering teams with your customers’ development teams.

Siemens tools ready for Xcelerator Share

xpedition enterprise

Xpedition Enterprise

Xpedition Enterprise is the top solution for the entire PCB Design flow. Reduces design cycles 50% or more.

Solid Edge Siemens 3D MCAD for Electronics

Solid Edge

Solid Edge is the Siemens 3D CAD. It is ideal for a fast and accurate Mechanical Design of electronics devices.

PADS Professional PCB Design

PADS Professional

With PADS Professional design teams have everything they need to bring even complex projects into production quickly.

floefd for 3d cfd analysis

Simcenter FLOEFD

FLOEFD is an Electronic Cooling solution that lets you perform 3D CFD Analysis inside your CAD software in the early stages of the project.


Valor NPI – The Siemens Solution for managing PCB DFM Rules

PCB DFM Rules for Successful Manufacturing can be easily managed with Valor NPI, a Siemens tool that shortens your Time to Market.

process engineering, smt, valor process preparation

Siemens Process Preparation for SMT Process Engineering

Valor Process Preparation is Siemens‘ Process Engineering solution for a fast and high-quality New Product Introduction (NPI) right the first time.


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