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Do you believe in change?

Cadlog is an international company that believes in change. Growth is a form of change. It is the growth of each of us and of the company at the same time. Innovation is another form of change that we promote everywhere. It comes from our shared desire to make this world a better place.

To change the world we must have the courage to change ourselves. We do this by starting from the values we all believe in. Underlying these values there are the spirit of Initiative and the spirit of Collaboration.

What we believe in



A value that inspires the daily actions of every person, towards both customers and colleagues. Through loyal relationships and transparent communication.



To respect our Company’s people and partners for their work, commitment, dedication, and competence. And above all to respect the customer, without whom our company would not exist.



To act daily with a great sense of responsibility, aware of the importance our actions have on other people’s lives and on the company itself.



Each of us has the right to give his/her own contribution, regardless of his/her own gender, origins and orientations. Our diversity brings value to our Company.

Here is a project we have believed in

Generally, we love bringing change and innovation in the first person, doing our job. But sometimes we help others that are committed to other forms of change that we find useful. Lile the Pink Scholarship project, which helps Indian young girls to go to school.

Career Opportunities in Cadlog

Here are some of the typical professional figures of our Team, for which we always accept spontaneous applications.

Our Open Positions

Hear some stories from people who work at Cadlog

Do you want to join Cadlog Team?

Do you want to join Cadlog Team?

Do you want to Join Cadlog Team?

Send us your spontaneous application. We are always growing and we like to have the most motivated people in our Team.

Do you think you are the right person for Cadlog? Send us your CV using this form and uploading a pdf or docx file.

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