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Why Ka-Ro electronics can no longer renounce SI/PI simulation when developing computer-on-modules

As an electronics specialist, Ka-Ro electronics stands for reliability and cost-effectiveness since 1988. The core business is electronics development and production as well as the manufacturing of computer-on-modules. Coming from the field of assembly services and having been in business for 30 years now, Ka-Ro's central requirement is to guarantee the long-term availability of products – to offer and support them permanently.

Ka-Ro Product

The challenge

Without simulation, the development and realization of the high-quality products offered by Ka-Ro would no longer be possible. This necessity has mainly been motivated and reinforced by the continuous further development of technology and the resulting improved products.

Advanced components require a more sophisticated simulation.

With HyperLynx, even small but not insignificant errors, not identifiable by manual inspection, can be detected and corrected. Having the confidence to bring products to market that meet specific requirements and function robustly and reliably is essential. By simulating and verifying with HyperLynx, Ka-Ro no longer has to rely exclusively on experience and diligence in development but can identify and fix SI/PI-related problems early in the design process:

When developing with high-end microcontrollers, component manufacturers provide many design rules that developers and PCB layouters must follow. These design rules are often defined in terms of ideal conditions which are not easily met in the final product – for example, available space, layer structures, feasible impedances of tracks, component placement, spacing rules between high-speed networks, and many others.
Simulation can help to develop the right choices for the design and the correct design rules, especially if such "PCB design guides" cannot be implemented perfectly.
This was the case with the QS Familiy Solder-in Modules; due to the design chosen by Ka-Ro with optimized, single-sided component placement, the "PCB Design Guides" were no longer fully applicable, and simulation was the only appropriate remedy.

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The Solution

The HyperLynx simulation technology is the optimal addition to the design with PADS Professional. The integration of both tools works seamlessly – for this reason, Ka-Ro has chosen the HyperLynx simulation tool in combination with PADS Professional.

Thanks to HyperLynx and the tools' advanced simulation techniques, problems can now be identified and corrected earlier in the design cycle. The behaviour of the design can be predicted by HyperLynx, enabling Ka-Ro to meet processor manufacturers' requirements. The HyperLynx DDR Wizard is used to validate the DDRx memory interfaces. Due to a large number of signals, manual simulation quickly leads to loss of control. HyperLynx automatically simulates many write-read cycles and independently evaluates the results with regard to JEDEC requirements, and also automatically creates documentation and HTML reports.

The Benefits

Ka-Ro considers the integration and interaction of the various Siemens tools the greatest advantage. HyperLynx is strongly integrated with Siemens' PADS Professional Flows and also works with all major PCB layout systems.

Do you want to know more about this project?

Do you want to know more about this project?

Do you want to know more about this project?

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