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Life Elettronica: improve Time-to-Market by reducing production errors

Continuous innovation in the electronics industry challenges companies and operators in the sector to create devices with increasingly strong features, both in terms of size and performance.

In this context, the gap between the design and production of electronic boards and devices tends to increase, especially since designers often do not have the first-hand experience in relation to production.

For this reason, identifying as soon as possible potential errors already during the design phase has become essential.

success story design for manufacturing

Life Elettronica

Life Elettronica is a leading company in the industrialization and assembly of electronic boards that can boast an experience of over 30 years.

The company - located in Modena, Emilia-Romagna - offers a full range of ODM (project, mastering, design) and EMS services, both for boards and electronic/mechatronic systems.

The production of electronic boards is the flagship of Life Elettronica, which is constantly looking for the best technology on the market to satisfy even the most demanding customer. Thanks to Cadlog, the transition to the Digitalization of Production has allowed Life Elettronica to become increasingly competitive.

With a turnover of 18 million euros and 110 employees, the company operates mainly in the Railways, Automotive and Industrial sectors - for which it has all the necessary certifications - as well as Power Electronics and many others.

success story design for manufacturing

The Challenge

Life Elettronica is a company that operates from a service perspective in the electronic supply chain, producing electronic boards for third parties as an EMS, or complete assemblies as an ODM. Its purpose is to help its customers to be competitive in one of the most dynamic and competitive markets that have ever existed.

Among Life Elettronica's customers dominates the need to cope with increasingly specialized and, at the same time, fragmented markets, in which the multiplicity of needs expressed by final consumers requires the creation of increasingly smaller and more frequent industrial batches.

Life's commitment was first concentrated on the board assembly side, where a tool like Process Preparation, by Siemens, has allowed the company to increase efficiency and quality, standardizing both the production documentation and the creation of stencils, also exploiting kanban systems.

It was then pointed out that, to further raise the level, bridging the gap between the R&D departments and the production lines was necessary.
"We had to help our customers making the product more manufacturable, moving from a subjective evaluation to an in-depth analysis," stated Manuele Drusiani, PM and Head of Product Engineering.
“For this reason, we decided to invest in Design for Manufacturing (DFM), in order to make it a customer service".

success story design for manufacturing
Life Elettronica Success Story

Case History

Discover how this EMS increased its growth opportunities on the market and expanded the audience of customers thanks to Valor Process Preparation and Cadlog.

The Solution

To face the challenge of Design for Manufacturing, the team of the Emilian company decided to rely on Cadlog, with which it had already collaborated to introduce Industry 4.0 methods and tools into the production line and to implement Digital Manufacturing.

Now, when a client company must prototype a new product, Life Elettronica can offer a fabrication verification service based on Valor NPI, the Siemens tool for PCB Design for Manufacturing.

Thanks to Valor NPI not only is it possible to identify in advance problems that may occur during the sampling phase, but also to prevent errors in the transition to mass production, which is characterized by high volumes.

Customers asking for the manufacturability evaluation of a project are provided with an exhaustive analysis of the criticalities and improvements that can be implemented even before realizing the first prototype.

The service offered is a full service, since it also includes an analysis dedicated to the testing phase, with Design for Testability (DFT) functions.

design for test

The Benefits

With the introduction of Valor NPI, the producibility verification service offered by Life Elettronica soared, allowing the company not only to extend and integrate the assembly services already offered to its customers but also to increase its growth opportunities on the market. The same audience of customers has expanded, as it intercepts a real need which is particularly felt by those who design new electronic products and want to place them on the market.

A continuous dialogue with customers is created, entirely aimed at the product’s quality and competitiveness. Life's Project Managers follow designers during all the phases of the product definition process, ranging from idea, development, certification, up to mass production.

The experience that the Life Elettronica team can boast in many different industrial sectors, combined with the direct commitment to production, allows them to give to Research and Development departments of client companies what they cannot have on their own: the ability to understand and anticipate possible production problems, even for very specific and niche processes.

Valor NPI can realize this in the most effective way since the checks it allows to carry out are tightly integrated with the main tools for PCB Layout: Xpedition, PADS Professional, Cadence Allegro, Zuken Board Designer, Altium. Therefore, they can be adopted in the early stages of the project, in which the most decisive choices for the appeal of the product on the market are made.

quality of pcb assembly

Why choose Valor Process Preparation for Process Engineering?

Facilitates and improves documentation

Process Preparation simplifies the creation of documentation, using integrated and customized templates to achieve a simple and efficient process. Tight integration with the BOM ensures that any changes are automatically updated, avoiding consistency issues.

Accelerate New Product Introduction

Process Preparation increases engineering efficiency by using a single tool for all engineering activities for preparing the process. It eliminates redundant prep work with learning-based libraries, through automation, and through the use of templates.

Increase the utilization rate of the line

Process Preparation maximizes off-line preparation to eliminate online testing and error-related delays. It enables the rapid and consistent generation and maintenance of machine library data, with ad hoc configurations to minimize changes.

Allows portability of productions

Leverage the ODB ++ format to seamlessly move production between lines and factories, reducing engineering time and increasing the quality of the final product.
Allows for easy export and import of assembly projects.

Do you want to know more about this project?

Do you want to know more about this project?

Do you want to know more about this project?

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