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Anticipating problems through simulation

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ANDALTEC Technological Center, founded in 2003, is a National Technological Centre recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

They offer advanced technological services, development of R&D projects and specialized training, with the aim of improving the competitiveness of companies.

Among other things, Andaltec is involved in the development of lighting products for the automotive sector (spotlights, headlights, rear and brake lights and vehicle interior lighting).


ANDALTEC - Simulación del comportamiento térmico
Andaltec Success Story

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The main challenge is to develop a robust, functional and high-quality product, which guarantees optimal manufacturing and use.

Due to the high cost of quality, which can have an immediate effect on the project, it is essential to anticipate problems that may arise from the manufacturing and use of the product.

In addition, the increasingly demanding customer expects error-free products and places great importance on aesthetics.

Several challenges must be addressed during the development of a lighting product, including the following:

  • Thermal behavior: Increasingly complex electronics are affected by elevated temperatures. The product is exposed to external and internal heat sources and must ensure correct performance under these conditions.
  • Exposure to solar radiation: the sunrays strike surfaces and can burn internal components due to the effects of reflection and refraction (the so-called sunburn effect).
  • Condensation: adequate illumination must be guaranteed and, for this purpose, any condensation inside the optical system has to be prevented.
ANDALTEC - Simulación de la exposición a la radiación solar


In order to guarantee and anticipate these effects on the manufactured products, simulation techniques have been developed and linked to real thermal and condensation tests on the product, in order to guarantee that the obtained test results are representative of reality. In this way, it is possible to guarantee that the product will perform adequately in the face of the aforementioned challenges (high temperature, condensation and sunburn).

“In order to conduct these simulations, we chose to use the FLOEFD tool with the LED module add-on. This ensures optimal results in very short model preparation and calculation times,” says Carmelo Latorre, head of engineering at Andaltec.

“From the beginning of the development of our approach, we relied on the expertise of Cadlog's technical team, which supported us at all times and assisted us in achieving optimal simulation processes in terms of results and set-up times,” adds Latorre.

ANDALTEC - Ejemplos de simulación de la condensación.


The use of Simcenter FLOEFD, together with the specific module add-on for LED simulation, has enabled Andaltec to optimise simulation times and guarantee its customers accurate results in very short timescales and, therefore, at very competitive prices.

“In addition, it is possible to easily and very accurately study the operation of all the electronic components used in lighting systems, such as complete PCBs, drivers, LEDs, fans, etc., and thus guarantee a high level of accuracy in the results provided,” concludes Latorre.


Full case study

Anticipating problems through simulation

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Would you like to know more about this project?

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