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Software solutions for Students and Universities

Engineering tools to future-proof your career

Cadlog supports Students and Universities through the Higher Education Program (HEP). HEP is Siemens’ program aimed at empowering the next generation of digitally talented engineers.

Higher Education Program (HEP)

Higher Education Program (HEP) provides universities, colleges, and schools with leading-edge design tools for classroom instruction and academic research to help ensure that engineering graduates enter into the industry proficient with state-of-the-art tools and techniques. Through HEP, we and Siemens strive to develop long-term relationships with engineering schools and universities in all countries in our market. To date, Siemens has partnered with more than 1,600 academic institutions worldwide.

software solutions for students and universities

HEP benefits

Siemens’s Higher Education Program supports engineering education by providing design and simulation software, technical support, training, and resources for use in teaching, class work, and academic research during school and post-graduation. HEP members have access to:

  • As many copies of the software as needed
  • The same customer support services as corporate customers
  • Siemens-advertised public training classes on a space-available basis and on-demand training (for nominated faculty staff members)
  • Online product demonstrations and tutorials

Under Siemens’ Higher Education Program (HEP), products are organized in design packages from which program members will choose based on their needs. Upon admittance to the program, members will receive licenses for all products in the package(s) that they desire.

design software for students

Tools available to students

Siemens provides a wide list of software tools under the Higher Education Program (HEP). Below you can see an overview of the main offering.

ecad student

PADS Professional

Enjoy your free one-year license to PADS Professional Student Edition for PCB Design. Take advantage of all the "getting started" materials to bring you up to speed fast!

Why PADS Professional Student Edition?

  • Easy-to-use: Fully integrated tool flow from concept to manufacturing files
  • Powerful: Same leading tool used by most innovative companies in high technology
  • Resources galore: Abundant getting started videos and free on-demand training.
  • PartQuest: Access to millions of pre-made eCAD models for your library
mcad sudent

Solid Edge

Solid Edge Student Edition is a free professional 3D CAD software for students. You can build the skills you need as an engineer with Solid Edge Student Edition software —a free version of the same easy-to-use software suite used by professionals. Learning Solid Edge as part of your education prepares you to enter the workforce and helps you stand out in today’s highly competitive economy.

What's included?

  • Advanced product development capabilities, including automated drafting, exploded view creation, animation, advanced rendering, and simulation.
  • Free access to topic-based or project-based tutorials, online self-paced courses and interactive learning resources. Students can also achieve Solid Edge Certification.
  • An access to Siemens’ online Solid Edge User Community, including a dedicated forum for students.
cfd software student

Simcenter FloEFD for Solid Edge

Simcenter FloEFD for Solid Edge is a general-purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software that is fully embedded in Solid Edge and it is available FREE to students. Create designs with Solid Edge and immediately test them for fluid flow and heat transfer. Fast, accurate and easy to use, Simcenter FloEFD for Solid Edge offers the same functionality as its commercial counterpart so you can conduct realistic tests on your designs.

The solution offers tight integration with CAD, an intuitive user experience, the ability to conduct parametric studies and design comparison, and fast and robust automated meshing capabilities.

Why should you download this CFD student software today?

  • It is free to any active student
  • It is compatible with your university or academic institution’s equipment
  • It provides a hands-on opportunity to learn CFD simulation

Resources for Students

Siemens helps today’s engineering students prepare for tomorrow, providing student engineering software to empower the next generation of digital talent. Learn how our software and training can get you ready for Industry 4.0. As the engineering industry rapidly changes, ensure you have the skills businesses need. Future proof your career with digital skills in high demand.

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Resources for Educators

Siemens provides a robust selection of classroom-ready curricular materials, completely free. These learning resources are developed cooperatively by professors at Siemens’ partner universities and technical experts to help you prepare your students for Industry 4.0. Explore now the Educator Resources page to see all the opportunities offered to you by Siemens.

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Stand out in today's competitive environment and learn how to close the engineering skills gap in the age of digitalization. Download the new Tech-Clarity eBook.

The software you will learn to use

PADS Professional PCB Design

PADS Professional

With PADS Professional design teams have everything they need to bring even complex projects into...

Solid Edge Siemens 3D MCAD for Electronics

Solid Edge

Solid Edge is the Siemens 3D CAD. It is ideal for a fast and accurate...

floefd for 3d cfd analysis

Simcenter FLOEFD

FLOEFD is an Electronic Cooling solution that lets you perform 3D CFD Analysis inside your...


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