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Software solutions for Startups

A scalable solution, ideal for both your present and your future

Every startup needs to establish a solid, digital foundation for its product development. At first, a cheap and straightforward design tool might be the best solution. But then, when you start to grow, you are forced to change the system completely. Cadlog and Siemens offer you a scalable solution ideal for your needs as a startup – in terms of cost and ease of use – and that grows gradually with your business. This solution is grounded in the Siemens' Digital Twin-based Ecosystem of technologies for the digital enterprise, made accessible for companies of any size, including new ones.

solutions logicielles pour les startups

New challenges for today’s startups

Startups face many new challenges today. A study - which you can download at the end of this page - shows that the most prominent trends that force startups to change and adapt are:

  • the increasing customer demand for smart and connected products,
  • eco-friendly regulations,
  • supply chain disruptions,
  • globalization,
  • the emergence of new business models.

To maximize their chances of success, startup leaders must also consider how to effectively tackle internal obstacles that affect the growth of their organizations. These include: managing larger teams with increased organizational complexity, fostering coordination across different engineering domains, and being productive while working remotely.

Recent surveys show that startups face common challenges when it is time to move from business plan to reality:

Limited resources – trying to find a balance between what we need and what we can afford
Learning skills outside my domain expertise – sales, marketing, finance, etc.
Starting from scratch – figuring out what I need for the business and where to get it
Managing work/life balance and the time needed to get a startup off the ground

A Digital Twin for startup projects

With today's complex scenarios affecting the product development process of startups, maintaining a comprehensive Digital Twin can help many companies build a solid digital foundation for the future.

The Digital Twin concept combines the real and digital worlds, blurring the boundaries between engineering and process domains.  Startups and small businesses that embrace this concept can reduce time-to-market and work more efficiently. With a full Digital Twin, startups are able to reduce overhead with fewer prototypes, less testing, and less waste during production.

digital twin for startups

What we offer to startups

As Siemens and Cadlog, we are able to offer newborn companies a work environment based on the Digital Twin that integrates and synchronizes the best existing design technologies and the people called upon to use them.

With our offering, you have access to best-in-class technologies for electronic device design, capable of delivering the best performance, reliability and scalability over time.

Cadlog 360

Cadlog 360

Cadlog 360 is a collaborative design environment that gives you access to best-in-class technologies for the design of electronic devices to guarantee the highest performances, reliability, and scalability over time. In Cadlog 360 designers and engineers are able to work in absolute freedom, anywhere and anytime on the same project and on several projects simultaneously, automatically updating their colleagues in regard to ongoing changes and necessary revisions.

Cadlog 360 includes PADS Professional, PADS Professional Apps, Solid Edge and Simcenter FLOEFD.

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PADS Professional PCB Design

PADS Professional Premium

PADS Professional Premium is the affordable, intelligent, and integrated PCB design and verification flow tailored by Siemens for hardware engineers and small workgroups using the Xpedition technology, that incorporates design data management, component research, component sourcing knowledge, and extended collaboration for PCB engineering projects.

With PADS Professional Premium, design teams have everything they need to bring even complex projects into production quickly and without errors, for the most demanding challenges of today’s market.

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Solid Edge Siemens 3D MCAD for Electronics

Solid Edge

Thanks to Synchronous Technology, Solid Edge is the only CAD solution that combines the speed and simplicity of Direct Modeling with the flexibility and control of Parametric Design.

Solid Edge is easy to learn, flexible and has a very intuitive interface. It reduces design iteration and time-to-market of complex electro-mechanical products thanks to the collaboration capabilities with electrical and electronic Siemens solutions, such as PADS Professional.

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floefd for 3d cfd analysis

Simcenter FLOEFD

Simcenter FLOEFD helps you to shorten your design cycle time and get your products to market faster, moving 3D CFD analysis and simulation earlier in the design process.

Since Simcenter FLOEFD is fully integrated into your 3D mechanical CAD (Solid Edge, but also NX, Creo, Catia, and Solidworks), you can easily explore the design space to create better designs, faster.

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Shape the future with Solid Edge

Solid Edge is one of Siemens' software tools designed to grow your business. Learn how Wingcopter, Burgener, Yanu, Flame, and eNovates use affordable, easy-to-use software tools to optimize product development.

White Paper

Top tips to establish a solid, digital foundation for product development from a recent Startup Study

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