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Software solutions for Service Bureaus

Meet the most strategic partner in the Electronics Industry

A Competence Center at your Service

Why is Cadlog the ideal software provider for Service Bureaus in the Electronics Industry? We are not simply a company that sells software. We know very well the problems of the entire technological supply chain of the Electronics Industry.

Our customers are companies that belong to all steps of the supply chain, in all key industries, from design to manufacturing. This makes us a Competence Center that goes far beyond the simple use of the software. For the many European Service Bureaus that are already our customers, we are a regular contact for all kinds of needs.

If you need proof of the validity of our expertise, know that we are a "Smart Expert Partner" of Siemens Digital Industries Software.

Software solutions for Service Bureaus

A Technological Partner that helps you grow

Working with Cadlog means dealing with a true Technological Partner, an ally for your growth and development plans as a Service Bureau.

Becoming a Cadlog customer you will have access to all the technologies made available by the most important software suppliers worldwide, the most used by European Service Bureaus.

Cadlog will also give you the visibility you've been missing, which you can get either by attending our events or by being listed on our Service Bureau page. In this way, you will have one more channel to get the word out about the services you offer to your potential customers.


service bureau growth

Why to choose Cadlog?

Siemens Ecosystem

The technologies already used by best-in-class organizations and Siemens' Digital Twin-based method made accessible for any small and medium business thanks to a set of scalable solutions.

360-Degree Digitization

You will be part of a large industrial system where many different companies cooperate to provide you with the best solutions for Digitization, whatever the field of application.

Experts in Electronics

We have been working in Electronics for more than 30 years. We have built a portfolio of solutions and own an expertise that allow us to face any aspect related to the design and manufacturing of electronics.

Customer at the Center

Listening to you, deeply understanding your company and requirements. Taking into consideration your budget and the goals you want to achieve. Supporting you daily to grow faster,  together.

Software Solutions for Service Bureau



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Do you want to receive more information about Solutions for Service Bureaus?

Do you want to receive more information?

Do you want to receive more information about Solutions for Service Bureaus?

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