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Production Planning and Scheduling with Opcenter APS and Opcenter Scheduling Electronics

Planning and Scheduling tools to increase Productivity in Electronics Industry

Opcenter Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) enables manufacturers to react quickly and intelligently to unexpected changes – such as variations in product, supply or demand – being able to respond to shorter lead times and meet customer demands.

Opcenter APS tools can be used for long-term strategic production planning covering months and years, for medium-term tactical planning with a few weeks planning horizon and for detailed sequencing and scheduling.

Why choose Opcenter APS for Production Planning and Scheduling?

Manage variations in products

Opcenter Scheduling has built-in scheduling algorithms that can take into account multiple product attributes and use them to group like operations in order to minimize changeover times and ensure that the orders are delivered on time.

Take Constraints into account

As a multi-constraint scheduling tool, Opcenter Scheduling can take into account the availability of materials, tooling, and labor in order to produce a feasible schedule. This gives the planner the confidence to know that the work to-do lists that are being sent to the shop floor will be achievable.

Handle variability of demand

In the case of variable demand, the process starts from long-term orders and forecasts. Once the system has calculated the production required, the planner can easily visualize and interact with the result to see how the varying demand should be reflected in plans for production capacity.

Consider complex subassemblies

With Opcenter Scheduling, it is possible to consider the production and availability of subassemblies, whether they are produced in an area under the control of the planner or elsewhere, to guarantee an achievable schedule, flag up, and solve any material availability issues early on.

Intelligent Work-Order Scheduling Based on Factory Capacity

In PCB assembly manufacturing, work order modifications, time overruns, and material availability issues frequently disrupt the production schedule. Opcenter Scheduling Electronics software by Siemens solves these challenges by seamlessly connecting your planners to the shop floor, enabling capacity-based production plans, and real-time schedule changes. It provides full flow coverage, including SMT, test, manual, and assembly/box build.

This easy-to-use decision support tool combines data from the shop floor, enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, and supply chain. This combination enables accurate short-term scheduling and a production plan that includes groups per line, static feeder settings, trolley usage, kanban/work-in-process (WIP), and resource allocation. What-if simulations empower you to respond immediately to line-down events. With Opcenter Scheduling Electronics, you can minimize machine setup by grouping products intelligently, and you can respond rapidly to bottlenecks based on real-time analysis of actual versus scheduled performance.

Opcenter APS

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Opcenter Scheduling Electronics

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