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Cover all needs for Smart Manufacturing implementation in the PCB Assembly factory

Tools designed with manufacturers for manufacturers

The OPTI Tools are software tools developed by Cadlog to meet the specific needs of PCB Assembly manufacturers. All the OPTI Tools are based on our decades of experience and created in close collaboration with customers to solve real problems in the field. Each tool is strictly integrated with the Siemens Opcenter platform and designed to address a specific need along the Assembly Line.

THT manual assembly


A full client for manual assembly of components and box build with guided instructions.

optipaste solder paste management


Advanced solder paste management tool that manages expiration and life cycle of the material in the refrigerator.

OPTIMAG - manage the semi-finished panels inside the production shop-floor


A solution for managing semi-finished panels inside the production shop floor.

OPTIPHASE managing the progress of production orders in PCB assembly


A tool for managing the progress of production orders in PCB assembly.

Manufacturing Data Analytics para el montaje PCB


Calculates Overall Line Effectiveness in accordance with World Class Manufacturing specifications.

Equipment maintenance


Management of X-Outs on the SMT line for avoiding the assembly of boards with badmarks.

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