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MES Software – Siemens Opcenter Execution Electronics

A complete MES software for improving Productivity and product Quality in PCB Assembly

Siemens Opcenter Execution Electronics is an easy-to-use and digital-enterprise-ready manufacturing execution system (MES) for PCB Assembly that provides stellar scalability, performance, and configurability for global PCB and box-build operations.

Opcenter Execution Electronics (formerly known as “Camstar Electronics Suite” ) is a complete MES Software solution based on direct connectivity to machines and production lines, that includes manufacturing execution, quality management, planning and scheduling, material management, and manufacturing intelligence.

Why choose Opcenter Execution Electronics as your MES Software?

Build products right the first time

With seamless integration with PLM solutions, Siemens Opcenter Execution Electronics accelerates new product introduction (NPI) and change management activities, while ensuring as-designed manufacturing processes with paperless operations.

Manage shop floor complexity and improve efficiency

Combines best-in-class and OOTB manufacturing execution capabilities for PCB and box-build processes in just one solution. The standardized, high-performance and user-friendly functionalities enable material, equipment, processes and operators to be used as defined by the engineering department, and provides full traceability and easy access to as-built data.

Optimize production capacity

Provides an OOTB, advanced scheduling solution that allows PCB and box-build manufacturers to generate optimized and detailed production plans and schedules to efficiently balance demand and capacity across surface-mount technology (SMT), mechanical and assembly lines in just one solution.

Best-in-class MES capabilities in one solution

Provides the foundation for manufacturers and innovators that want to adopt Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 strategies, supporting the entire product lifecycle from managing production workflows and providing operator guidance, advanced electronic work instructions (EWIs) and quality inspection tools to complete traceability of operations and material.

An integrated MES software solution for Electronics Manufacturing

Siemens has a complete and unique MES software offering for Electronic Manufacturing because of 2 major reasons. One reason is the strong platform and function scope that we can provide for electronics production. The second reason is that Siemens is the only company that can provide the full scope of digitalization from the production design to production execution for electronics PCB but also for Box production which is a key factor for electronics as a cross-industry which is reflected in many other industries.

An integrated MES software solution for Electronics Manufacturing

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