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Material management and Just-in-Time material flow from the warehouse to the PCB Assembly shop-floor

Opcenter Intra Plant Logistics is the ideal solution for Material Management in PCB Assembly because it enables a lean flow of materials between the warehouse and the shop-floor. It helps the factory reduce inventory and waste by optimizing usage for higher turnover and removing excess material from the shop-floor.

It enables paperless, data-driven manufacturing in PCB Assembly. It allows full automation of material delivery between workstations and integrated manufacturing analytics for materials supply. Opcenter Intra Plant Logistics makes it easy to comply with customer requirements by generating automated traceability reports and comparing quality between material suppliers.

Why choose Opcenter Intra Plant Logistics for your PCB Assembly shop-floor?

Reduce Inventory and Waste

Opcenter Intra Plant Logistics reduces shop floor WIP and general Inventory in PCB Assembly. You don’t need any more huge material kits and line storage, because it optimizes material usage for higher material turnover, removes excess material WIP from the shopfloor, and reduces the cost of obsolete parts.

Improve Performance

The tool management improves line effectiveness by enabling a lean, optimized flow of materials between warehouse and shop-floor, optimizing changeover time, reducing the need for material counting, and allowing effective use of materials on the shop-floor through picking and put-away guidance.

Empower ERP Investment

It allows you to accurately track material on the shop floor in real-time, complementing ERP functions by providing real-time data on consumption, waste, and transactions into the ERP system, greatly increasing the accuracy of the information driving ERP functions and adding value to the ERP system.

Improve Quality

Advanced verification ensures that all the correct materials (and tools) are set up before assembly, improving the efficiency and quality of your PCB Assembly line. It also provides you with maximal flexibility by supporting functions such as alternate parts, AVL, free feeder positioning, dynamic alternate positions, blocked material, safe splicing, etc. The tool covers MSD management, as well, including auto-alarms for any materials in any environment.

Find out how Opcenter Intra Plant Logistics works for Material Management:

4 Levels of Material Management

Material management inside the factory occurs in different places and levels, requiring different types of support to keep track of your inventory efficiently. Siemens and Cadlog Solution provides a flexible solution to address the factory’s specific production needs, significantly reducing inventory and ensuring a smooth manufacturing flow.

4 Levels of Material Management

See how our client ROJ uses Siemens solutions for Material Management:

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Download the Datasheet to learn more about Just-in-Time Logistical Materials Flow to Production

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