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Manufacturing Analytics with Opcenter Intelligence Electronics

The Siemens Manufacturing Analytics solution for Smart Decisions in the Smart Factory

This Manufacturing Analytics solution provides PCB assembly executives, managers, and engineers with crucial information needed to deliver quality products on time. Eliminates waste, while quickly and intuitively improving asset utilization, first-pass yield, and defects per million opportunities (DPMO).

Opcenter Intelligence Electronics improves asset management with accurate, real-time utilization and OEE. It helps to capture and investigate complete material and process traceability data for PCBs and assemblies by taking advantage of big-data and high-availability data storage. It ensures quality and drives improvement by identifying and analyzing process defects and material and process failures, increasing design-to-manufacturing efficiency by detecting factors affecting yield and identifying areas for improvement.

Why choose Opcenter Intelligence Electronics for Manufacturing Analytics?

Improve order fulfillment

With Opcenter Intelligence Electronics, you can easily monitor and track each customer’s work order as the product moves through the factory while tracking the current delivery status against the due date. So you can identify bottlenecks in the production flow and share the web-based reports in a secure environment.

Increase manufacturing process quality

Make rich Manufacturing Analytics key performance indicators (KPI) calculations such as yield, first-pass yield (FPY), no-fault found (NFF), defects, and DPMO at each process inspection or test station. You can instantly trigger customizable alerts and automatically generate quality reports at user-defined intervals to immediately correct problems

Instant traceability reports

Opcenter Intelligence Electronics helps achieve full PCB and assembly traceability, including materials, process data, test results, and repair measurements in a full assembly genealogy. Comply with customer requirements by setting up an automated report for traceability, based on the PCB ID number or component lot code/date code/reel ID. This minimizes recall exposure, limiting it to the affected product.

Advanced analytic capabilities

Opcenter Intelligence Electronics leverages an advanced Microstrategy manufacturing analytics platform to provide a sophisticated yet simple way to instantaneously generate and analyze large amounts of data. When drilling for insights, you get an intuitive display of results using graphs and detailed textual search results. You can also share data and reports securely inside the organization and beyond.

OEE vs Live OEE

There is a difference between OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and Live OEE. With OEE operators are rewarded by the numbers, not by utilization; the shop floor managers are optimizing the OEE, not the overall production. In this case, the reported OEE from China to the headquarters of a German Automotive first-tier supplier was 80% on average but when we installed live OEE it went down to 52%. This is the main Dashboard presenting a comprehensive WIP status, including: Asset Management – Accurate, real-time utilization and OEE; Quality; Material; Waste cost; Current position in each site, with an option to compare with last 18 months.

OEE vs Live OEE

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