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Smart Manufacturing: find out what it actually means with Virtual Reality

Discover the Egicon factory with us

Do you want to understand what Smart Manufacturing actually means?

With the collaboration of our customer, Egicon, we have developed a Virtual Reality tour of their PCB assembly factory, one of the most advanced in the world.

Are you ready to wear one of our Oculus virtual reality headsets and dive into the dimension of the most advanced Smart Manufacturing in the world? Book an appointment and we will bring you everything you need for free to visit virtually the Egicon assembly lines in Mirandola, Emilia-Romagna.

Egicon is an Italian company that could be like yours. Their managers had the intuition to carry out a production digitization project by adopting Siemens software tools for electronic manufacturing and Cadlog consulting.

During our Tour, you will be able to review each machine of the production line, interact in each phase and find out how Smart Manufacturing is actually applied to realize a real Industry 4.0 project!

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    Are you curious?

    Here is a preview of some screenshots taken from our Virtual Reality Tour.

    screen printer in smart manufacturing

    Screen Printer

    Here you will discover how fixed scanners and PCB sensors are used to automatically acquire the PCB ID during the assembly process.

    AOI in smart manufacturing


    In the Automatic Optical Inspection phase, you will see how to process data, symptoms, and detected defects are collected.

    pick & place machine in smart manufacturing

    Pick & Place

    If you approach the assembly machines (Pick & Place), you will see how Material Management manages consumption, supplies, and errors.

    Manufacturing Analytics in smart manufacturing

    Manufacturing Analytics

    In the final part of the Tour, you will see some examples of data processed by the Manufacturing Analytics software, such as the Material Inventory Report.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to get to the heart of Smart Manufacturing, see what steps a company like yours has already taken to remain competitive and find out what you can do with the machines already present in your factory.


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