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Capital for Wire Harness Manufacturing

Digital Twin-based Harness Manufacturing Engineering

Capital Wire Harness manufacturing is a unique, model-based software solution for wire harness operations that want to boost competitiveness & profitability.

Developed by industry experts in one of the world’s largest companies, it creates a digitalized “design through manufacturing engineering” flow with powerful automation, simulation, and integration.

Capital can transform a company’s engineering skills and manufacturing efficiency.

Why choose Capital for Wire Harness Manufacturing?

Leverage the Digital Twin to boost productivity & profits

With an optimized Digital Twin, Capital allows harness manufacturers to accurately design, optimize and cost the manufacturing processes, labor, material, and resources required to produce harnesses.

This can be leveraged to transform a company’s engineering, costing, and manufacturing performance ultimately boosting profits.

Optimize processes & improve manufacturing efficiency

Capital guides formboard designers to create an optimized, ergonomic layout based on dynamic feedback of labor effort/times related to each component, as it is placed in a particular zone on the board.

Designers can also create and maintain merged or combined formboards for efficient production lines and factory space usage.

Enhance Harness Manufacturing Documentation

With the complexity of today's harnesses, it is vital to be able to automatically create operator instructions and visual aids for every design and production facility.

By supporting this automated approach, Capital removes the manual creation of work instructions from the critical path for introducing new or changed harness designs, as well as eliminating documentation errors and reducing creation costs.

Support Harness Manufacturing Planning & Optimization

Engineers can use Capital to capture and apply best-practice techniques to manufacturing process planning and cost estimation tasks.

It facilitates fast and accurate process planning, making time available for engineers to create multiple "what if" scenarios to be compared with each other and analyzed for optimum manufacturing efficiency.

Wire Harness Design and Manufacturing Engineering with Capital

Learn how Capital addresses the challenges of Wire Harness Design and Manufacturing Engineering:
Model-based engineering for wire harness manufacturing

White Paper

This white paper discusses how modern cars, trucks and other vehicles feature an ever-increasing number of sophisticated electrical and electronic features, placing a larger burden on the wiring harness that enables these new features. As complexity rises, current harness manufacturing methods are struggling to keep pace due to manual data exchanges and the inability to capture tribal knowledge. A model-based wire harness manufacturing engineering flow automates data exchange and captures tribal knowledge through design rules to help harness manufacturers improve harness quality and boost efficiency.

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