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Faster and more accurate Quotations in Electronics Manufacturing

BOM Connector eases the tasks of loading, preparing, scrubbing, formatting, checking, and comparing BOM data in Electronics Manufacturing, allowing you to avoid manual activities and Excel macros to quote PCB projects.

The tool is integrated with Siemens‘ MES tools and helps you create more accurate quotes much quicker, providing a powerful database “backend” to track and reuse your work for future projects.

Why choose BOM Connector for PCB Quoting?

Decreases quoting time and increases accuracy

BOM Connector helps you find quickly the best pricing and availability connecting to component vendors for latest pricing. It checks for customers’ BOM correctness and reduces quoting time for repeat BOM files from the same customer.

Easily maps the customers BOM with your ERP

This software tool quickly understands and validates your customer’s BOM and links it to parts already available in your ERP and identifies any component not available in your warehouse, enabling you to generate a complete and accurate quote.

Reduces the likelihood of errors in production

Any electronics company, EMS or OEM, can benefit from BOM Connector, because it avoids production mistakes caused by sourcing incorrect parts that do not fit the board, checking both the BOM itself and the BOM / PCB Consistency.

Integrates with the Smart Manufacturing tools

Siemens provides all the tools for enabling Industry 4.0 in the factory, from Engineering to Manufacturing Operations. BOM Connector is tightly integrated with these tools, to extend the benefits of digitization to the whole process.

Case Study

Using Valor automation solutions enables BMK to quicken preparation times and streamline the quotation process.

It makes all BOM data fully usable by verifying its correctness

BOM Connector significantly reduces the risk of errors by checking the consistency of the BOM and the correctness of component codes. After importing the BOM, it performs a clean-up to see if the structure is correct and if there is all the necessary information. Then it checks the actual existence of each component on a third-party database. If necessary, it is also possible to verify that the components are not obsolete.

It makes all BOM data fully usable by verifying its correctness

White Paper

Electronic manufacturing services companies contend with multiple challenges in the quoting and pricing process, including lack of data standardization, difficulty comparing data sources to identify discrepancies, inefficient process pricing and lack of integration with ERP systems. Intelligent, manufacturing-aware applications can help overcome these challenges, empowering manufacturers to quote rapidly and accurately.

The Challenges of EMS Quoting: it’s not just about pricing

  • The number of quotes outnumbers the jobs that make it into production
    • Typically by a significant amount
  • Customer Bill Of Material files come in all formats
    • And, most importantly, in all quality levels
  • Customer parts are often incorrect and subject to change
    • These changes are rarely communicated properly to the EMS A new “description analysis” detects this and flags it
  • A significant amount of time is spent to determine if parts exist in ERP
    • Then if they can be used, are in stock, or if parts need to be sourced
  • Errors in the source data cause delays in quoting or expensive production costs
  • Identifying obsolete parts or those near end of life (EOL) is key to effective purchasing
  • Getting reliable pricing and lead-time information is a very cumbersome, manual process if done the old way”
  • Quoting is performed by a costing/purchasing department, not part of manufacturing
  • OEMs deal with many of these issues as well, even if under more “controlled” circumstances

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