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DragonFly 3D Printer

The world's first professional 3D Printer for Electronics

Introducing the Dragonfly 3D Printer

The DragonFly LDM Lights-Out Digital Manufacturing system is the industry’s only comprehensive additive manufacturing platform for 24-hour 3D printing of electronic circuitry. This precision additive manufacturing platform uniquely integrates an extremely precise inkjet deposition printer with dedicated nano-inks and optimized 3D software to print electronic circuits such as Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), antennas, capacitors, and sensors.

The DragonFly 3D Printer incorporates the proprietary, state-of-the-art Lights-out Digital Manufacturing (LDM) technology, requiring little or no operator intervention.


White Paper

Harris Corp. 3D prints RF amplifiers using Nano Dimension’s Dragonfly Pro. Performance is comparable to traditionally manufactured circuits. Tests Demonstrated Viability of 3D Printed Electronics for Rapid, Affordable Prototyping and Low-Volume Manufacturing of Antennas.

Why choose the Dragonfly 3D Printer fof 3D PCB Printing?

Fast and safe New Product Development

With the DragonFly 3D Printer designers can move rapidly from concept and design validation to production of precision electronic components, while keeping the entire process securely in-house.

Lower the total cost of operation

Companies can now reduce demand for prototyping and short-run manufacturing resources and lower the total cost of operation in comparison to traditional manufacturing methods.

Designed for Industry 4.0

The DragonFly PCB Printer is designed for Industry 4.0 and manufacturing for the Internet of Things and is the extension of the award-winning DragonFly Pro precision system.

Freedom to Innovate

With the Dragonfly LDM you can innovate freely without traditional manufacturing process constraints. You can be a pioneer while saving space, weight, and cost with designs incorporating complex geometries and new functions.

Key Advantages and Benefits of a Professional PCB Printer

The Dragonfly PCB Printer is not only the latest technology for manufacturing, but it is also a choice that, compared with usual methods has a lot of advantages, from many points of view:

TV, Radio & Multimedia


Reduces development cycle times. Enables on-site prototyping in a matter of hours instead of weeks, even for complex designs.



Eliminates the need for large order minimums. Enables the ability to discover design errors in the early development stage with agile rapid prototyping.


24 / 7

Eliminates the need for large order minimums. Enables the ability to discover design errors in the early development stage with agile rapid prototyping.

TC Peripheral Devices


Automatic printhead management mechanism and algorithms, allowing for uninterrupted printing with minimal print job set up and preventive maintenance.

Smart Home

Complex Geometries

Enables increased design capabilities & manufacturability of components. Added agility enables designing, testing, and iterating in real-time, on-site.

Home Appliances

Component Consolidation

Multi-material Additive Manufacturing enables functional, compact, denser, non-planar electronics parts.



Enables retention of sensitive IP in-house during development. Eliminates concerns and costs related to IP infringement.



Limits environmental impact through optimized design, size, weight. Reduces waste with additive manufacturing capabilities.


White Paper

Utilizing a newly developed dielectric polymer ink and conductive ink from Nano Dimension, HENSOLDT succeeded in assembling the world-wide first 10-layer printed circuit board (PCB) which carries high-performance electronic structures soldered to both outer sides. Previously, 3D printed boards could not bear the soldering process necessary for two-sided population of components.

Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing of Printed Electronics

Simultaneous multi-material additive manufacturing is a revolutionary approach that helps redefine the electronics of tomorrow for attributes including density, size, and flexibility. The DragonFly LDM simultaneous multi-material additive manufacturing is a revolutionary approach developed by Nano Dimension that helps redefine the electronics of tomorrow for attributes including density, size, and flexibility.

The DragonFly PCB Printer is fitted with two printheads, one for nano-Silver conductive ink and the other for dielectric polymer ink. This set-up allows the DragonFly LDM to concurrently print with both advanced inks in a single print job.

Virtually Limitless Design Flexibility

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Explore Capabilities and PCB Printer Use Cases

3D printed electronic capacitorThe capacitors consist of parallel layers of conductive plates with the AME (Additive Manufacturing of Electronics) dielectric in between. Up to 50 layers of the dielectric can be produced, enabling a variety of capacitor values depending not only on the number of layers but also on the area.

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