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Technical Support

Learn how we are completely focused on your needs

Our technical support is organized with Senior Support professionals dedicated to the technical coordination and resolution of incidents.

We constantly track existing and new incidents using a dedicated platform, ensuring they are coordinated according to the assigned priority and acting as a single point of technical contact to the customer.

We work closely with customers and focus on customer’s use of products, with special analysis and customization of the customer’s configuration and system setup, if needed.

We proactively monitor customer’s needs and advise on possible optimizations/usage of products and flows, also developing customizations when requested.

We supply a single point of contact, providing dedicated web access where customers can create, check, update their support requests and see their progression. All tickets are indexed to let us generate detailed performance reports keep our support quality constantly monitored.

Our deep products knowledge related to installed products and versions, customer-specific information, and full electronic chain, from project ideas to customer delivery, is a key for customer success.

Why our Technical Support makes the difference

Smart Expert

For Siemens, we are a "Smart Expert" partner: a recognition based on "optimized expertise, aligned business plans, dedicated staff, engagement with resources, and customer references".

Recognized Authority

Not only Siemens but also many companies in Europe in any industry and of any size recognize us as an authoritative and reliable partner. Our authority is all based on actual experience.

Tracked Ticketing System

To assist you we use a tracked Ticketing System based on one of the best platforms in the market. You can make your requests any time, any place, and have the best possible experience.

Speaking your language

Whatever product, solution, or service you've purchased from us, you will be followed by an expert speaking the same language as you. Forgot anonymous call centers. Maintenance for us is a relationship.

Do you want to know more about our Technical Support?

Do you want to know more about our Technical Support?

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If you are a Customer in maintenance, please use this form to immediately open a Ticket and let us know how we can help you.

Technical Support

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