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Software Maintenance

When Software Maintenance becomes a virtuous long-term relationship with the customer

Software Maintenance is a service on which we focus a lot. It's not just a matter of budget. Thank maintenance, we can establish a long-term relationship with the customer.

For some software users, a software maintenance contract is a kind of fee, an obligation. It is not so. We and our partners really add value to the products we sell, with professional services, expertise, and care. Ask people who have already tried Cadlog.

Every day of the year we are available to listen to your needs. We try to understand what your goals are and act as a partner to pursue them together.

Why Software Maintenance with Cadlog makes sense with you

Smart Expert

For Siemens, we are a "Smart Expert" partner: a recognition based on "optimized expertise, aligned business plans, dedicated staff, engagement with resources, and customer references".

Recognized Authority

Not only Siemens but also many companies in Europe in any industry and of any size recognize us as an authoritative and reliable partner. Our authority is all based on actual experience.

Tracked Ticketing System

To assist you we use a tracked Ticketing System based on one of the best platforms in the market. You can make your requests any time, any place, and have the best possible experience.

Speaking your language

Whatever product, solution, or service you've purchased from us, you will be followed by an expert speaking the same language as you. Forgot anonymous call centers. Maintenance for us is a relationship.

Our Headquarter

Cadlog Group S.r.l.
Via Derna, 26
20132 Milano - Italy

Do you want to know more about this project?

Do you want to know more about this project?

Commercial and technical information:

Wherever you are at any time, contact us. We will be happy to hear your story, understand your needs, and give you the best possible answer.

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