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Corporate training

A comprete portfolio of learning paths through all stages of electronic product creation

From onboarding resources to advanced specialized skills development, we offer programs to train and develop your personnel and drive your business. We offer a complete portfolio of learning paths across all the steps of the electronic design and production chain.

Our training paths are provided by proven instructors with a long experience in design, production, and processes. Training courses are available on-demand and live over the web or can be organized on customer sites for classroom sessions.

What is the best solution for you?

on demand web training

On-Demand web training

Our on-demand training platform gives you access to hundreds of hours of on-demand training, in short, topical lessons, containing videos, knowledge assessments, and interactive virtual lab exercises.

After subscription, you have free access to all sessions included in the training for 12 months, giving you the possibility to review specific topics if needed.

Training without the travel

Training without the travel

This flexible learning format is delivered with a qualified instructor available online to answer questions and walk you through your local installations and projects. This is an optimal way to get the best from your training, using a “training-on-the-job” approach.

All is done during the training can be recorded for later review or to share the information across your working group and/or your management.

Live training

Live Instructor-Led Training

Dynamic, real-time engagement with an instructor. We deliver classes from our European network of Training Centers with all the necessary equipment and software. You are constantly driven and followed by our instructors; they are selected technicians with long and proven experience in their respective domains, and with a special aptitude for teaching.

This kind of training can be hosted at your offices for dedicated classroom sessions.

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Do you want to know more about Corporate Training?

Do you want to know more about Corporate Training?

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