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Accelerate and optimize the design process of semiconductor components

Power electronics components such as MOSFETs, diodes, transistors, and IGBTs are used wherever electrical energy is generated, converted, and controlled. As the energy demands in both consumer and industrial applications are on the rise, the challenge for manufacturers of power modules is to increase the maximum power level and current load capability, while maintaining high quality and reliability.

Simcenter semiconductor testing products accelerate and optimize the design process of such components by using dedicated and innovative measurement technology for Thermal Transient Analysis, LED Analysis, TIM Testing, Power Cycling, and Testing Packages in the lab or on the factory floor.

Why choose Simcenter products for Semiconductor Testing?

Quick, Easy, and Repeatable

All Siemens solutions for Semiconductor Testing are quick to implement and to make operational, very easy to use, and able to offer a repeatable measurement system for reliable results.

Compliance with JEDEC standards

Siemens products for Semiconductor Testing allow component manufacturers to follow the standards set by JEDEC to improve the quality and reliability of the products and increase consumer confidence.

Non-Destructive Testing

You can run as many tests as you need in the same component because Non-Destructive Testing for thermal characterization gives you the Structure Function of the component, which is optimal for package characterization.

Integration to Electronics Thermal Simulation

With Simcenter products for Semiconductor Testing highly accurate thermal models can be generated for use with Simcenter Flotherm XT and FLOEFD to improve the accuracy of thermal simulations.

Evaluate thermal interface materials measurement methods

White Paper

This white paper describes how Infineon Technologies enlisted a Simcenter DYNTIM hardware tester to understand and correct parasitic losses in thermal interface materials (TIM). Infineon Technologies found Simcenter DYNTIM was exponentially more accurate and can be applied to a greater range of materials than other methods. The accuracy and versa-tility Simcenter DYNTIM offers makes it one of the most important pieces of thermal conductivity measurement equipment available for TIMs.



Simcenter T3STER is an advanced non-destructive transient thermal tester for thermal characterization of packaged semiconductor devices (diodes, BJTs, power MOSFETs, IGBTs, power LEDs) and multi-die devices. It measures the true thermal transient response more efficiently than steady-state methods. Measurements are to ±0.01° C with up to 1-microsecond time resolution. Structure functions post-process the response into a plot that shows the thermal resistance and capacitance of package features along the heat flow path. Simcenter T3STER is an ideal pre- and post-stress failure detection tool. The measurements can be exported for thermal model calibration, underpinning the accuracy of the thermal design effort.



Simcenter POWERTESTER provides the industry-unique capability of combining active power cycling with transient thermal characterization and thermal structure investigation. The non-destructive structure-function assessment is performed while the device remains mounted, providing a full electrical and structural assessment of the device throughout the testing program in a fully automated way.

Powered through thousands, potentially millions, of cycles, modules provide real-time failure-in-progress diagnosis, reduce testing and diagnosis time and eliminate the need for a post-mortem or destructive failure analysis. A wide range of powering strategies simulate realistic operating field conditions. Configurations supply up to 3600A and measure up to 16 devices simultaneously.



Simcenter TERALED temperature-controlled tests form a combined electrical, thermal, and radiometric/photometric testing station for LEDs and LED modules, creating multi-domain compact models that can be used in Simcenter thermal design software.

These LED testing solutions comply with the JEDEC JESD51-52 standard and follow CIE technical reports 127:2007 and 225:2017. Real thermal resistance and light output metrics are measured as a function of real LED junction temperature over a wide range of forwarding current. The process is fully automated. Third-party spectroradiometers help capture emission spectra, providing further input for precise modeling of LED package light output properties in lighting design.



Simcenter DYNTIM offers a smart implementation of the ASTM D5470 standard, based on transient rather than steady-state measurements, with highly accurate bond line thickness control in 1 µm steps to maximize measurement accuracy. Automated control of sample thickness or pressure makes it ideal for soft samples and specially-prepared metallic samples, complementing existing thermal conductivity test systems. It is available as a stand-alone system or as a fixture for Simcenter T3STER, fully automates the measurement process, saving time and effort, while delivering ±5% repeatability under measurement conditions close to the real application. Simple and robust, the system is easy to operate.

Thermal characterization of complex electronics

White Paper

In this paper, two examples are discussed on how structure functions can be used to analyze what is happening thermally inside a semiconductor package, or any com- plex electronic system for that matter.

How Structure Functions improve package characterization

Structure Functions are vital for investigating the integrity of your packages in semiconductor testing. Thermal transient testing performed by Simcenter T3STER and structure functions has become a widely accepted analysis tool. View this video to find out what Structure Functions are, the principles behind them and how they can support package characterization and reliability analysis.

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