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HyperLynx DDR Simulator

The easiest DDR Simulator for projects from the simplest to the most complex

HyperLynx DDR is an easy-to-use DDR simulator, guided by a wizard-based interface, which provides powerful analysis for PCBs with DDR memory greatly reducing validation and debug cycles.

HyperLynx DDR Simulate with any number of DRAM devices, from single-memory to multiple-memory modules/slots – including low-power variants – and characterizes Signal Integrity (SI) and system-level timing with setup/hold and derating calculations per JEDEC or custom standards.

Why choose HyperLynx DDR Simulator for DDR Simulation and Analysis?

Easy Setup with DDRx Wizard

The simple wizard-based interface makes it easy to set up DDRx simulations allowing you to get information from a choice of IBIS models for controller and memory devices to drive-strength values for read/write cycles, On-Die-Termination (ODT) settings, and byte-lane / strobe / mask assignment. Wizard configurations can be saved and recalled for future use.

HTML-Based Reports

The DDRx Wizard generates a clean, intuitive report at the end of the simulation process, including pass/fail data. Results can be filtered, letting you explore both timing and SI concerns across data read/write cycles, on the address/command bus, or by differential nets. It greatly reduces the setup time required for successful simulations while providing detailed results that can help drive decisions in your design process.

Detailed, Interactive SI Analysis

Batch-mode simulation data created by the DDRx wizard can be saved to disk, so users can examine several nets simultaneously for detailed SI problems offline, using the HyperLynx oscilloscope. Users can interactively place cursors and take notes of overshoot, undershoot or signal timing.

No Siemens EDA tool required

HyperLynx DDRx supports Altium Designer, OrCAD, Allegro, and CADSTAR, as well as Xpedition and PADS Professional. Independently from the tool you use for PCB Design, you will get successful simulations with detailed results that can help drive decisions in your design process.

How the DDR Simulator speeds up your work

The batch mode simulation data created by the DDRx wizard can be saved to disk, allowing you to use a HyperLynx oscilloscope to simultaneously simulate multiple circuits and examine in detail the problems of Signal Integrity in offline mode.

How the DDR Simulator speeds up your work

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