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Multi-Board Systems Design

An integrated environment for collaborative Multi-Board Systems Design

Promote Design Team Collaboration in Multi-Board System Design

Xpedition’s Multi-Board Systems Design is a single integrated environment that enables multi-board systems design, including logical design, partitioning and connector, and wiring management.

The Xpedition multi-board systems design flow is a fully-parallel, collaborative design environment where global teams can work on the same design in real-time, providing the flexibility and intuitive technologies to develop innovative and competitive products.

Multi-Board System Design Features

  • Single desktop engineering environment for architecting, partitioning, authoring, and documenting the logical definition of electronic multi-board systems
  • Managed synchronization of multi-board systems designs for interface reduction and eliminating manual data handling, data duplication, and ECO transfer errors
  • Integrated connector management eliminates connectivity mating errors, from the initial design conception through the entire design cycle, including PCB projects and purchased components by design
  • Integrated multi-board system-level connectivity verification
  • Built-in change management through controlled synchronization between multi-board system boards and cables
  • Collaborative concurrent design environment for engineers and implementation teams assigned to partitioned functions and related boards that automatically manages data integrity and connectivity
  • Integrated library browsing for intuitive system-level part research, selection, and management
  • Leverage existing architecture IP by importing and embedding Microsoft® Visio® data into the system design and by attaching characteristics to system elements

The benefits of a fully integrated design process

Xpedition sets the standard for fully integrated multi-board system design creation by:

  • Eliminating manual and error-prone multi-level design synchronization processes
  • Providing electronic versus paper design team collaboration

Within this solution, Siemens offers unique features to match the designer’s expectations in the multi-board systems design creation space:

  • Easy to deploy, easy to adopt, and easy to use
  • Enables concurrent (parallel) versus serial team design
  • Efficient data management
  • Scalable functionality
Xpedition Multi-Board Systems Design Flow
Procesos de diseño totalmente integrados para sistemas de PCB multiplaca y cables asociados.

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