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The best-in-class solution for the entire PCB Design flow

Xpedition Enterprise is the industry’s most innovative PCB design flow, providing integration from system design definition to manufacturing execution.

Its unique, patented technologies can reduce design cycles by 50 percent or more, while significantly improving overall quality and resource efficiency.

Why choose Xpedition Enterprise for PCB Design?

Enter the Siemens ecosystem

Adopting Xpedition, you enter the ecosystems of two well-recognized players of the industry: Siemens and Cadlog. Xpedition is strictly integrated to Teamcenter, the Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) system, and with Solid Edge and NX, the Siemens’ solid modeling software.

Tailored and localized service

If you have a question about our line of products, you can refer to one of the well-known professionals, who speak your language and have the knowledge to offer answers that are tailored to each customer’s needs.

Keep your ideas safe

Xpedition is a tool designed especially for big companies, which often create products that can change the course of their respective industry. It’s crucial to have a software tool that can guarantee a high degree of reliability, stability in execution, stability in time.

The most chosen by the Best Companies

If you decide to change for Xpedition, relax and smile. You’re in good company! In each of the countries where we operate, you will find the most prestigious brands in the Xpedition customer portfolio.

Xpedition Enterprise is a key element in the Siemens Ecosystem

Xpedition is the electronic design tool that occupies a key position, in the current industrial landscape, as an integral part of the ecosystem of Siemens solutions for the creation of the electronic product.

The Siemens ecosystem is based on the concept of Digital Twin, which allows you to anticipate any problems, both related to the product and to the process, and arrive quickly in production by minimizing prototypes, respins, and errors.

Ten things that may be costing you

White Paper

This whitepaper focuses on the effort of lowering costs while maintaining and growing short term productivity within the electronics industry.

Xpedition PCB Layout

Download the Datasheet to learn how to reduce total design time and increase productivity

What’s new in Xpedition VX.2.14

Physical Reuse

Create and replace Physical Reuse Sources and Instances

  • Quickly create new Sources from Instances in the design
  • Select an Instance and create a new Source by using the
  • existing “Create Physical Reuse Source” command
  • The new Source is easily modified and quickly published
  • The existing ECO->Replace Cell feature has a new option that allows the replacement of an existing Physical Reuse Instance with a different source Physical Reuse Circuit

Physical Reuse

Discover all the Features of Xpedition Enterprise for PCB Design, Simulation, and DFM

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White Paper

Lifecycle Insights: Compress Board Systems Design with Electrical-Mechanical Collaboration

One way to compress the development of board systems is to enable earlier and more continuous collaboration between electrical and mechanical engineers

Find out more about PCB Design, Simulation, and DFM with Xpedition Enterpris

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PCB Data Management

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