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PADS Standard / Standard Plus

PCB Design flow in the Siemens Ecosystem for the individual engineer and designer

PADS Standard and Standard Plus provide an easy-to-use environment that helps solve the PCB design challenges you meet every day. Using PADS, you will get your job done faster and better while saving costs.

Targeted toward the independent engineer who requires a more complete design flow that includes advanced toolsets, PADS Standard Plus is equipped with enhanced layout and integrated analysis and verification, supplying all you need to produce quality PCBs, fast.

Why choose PADS Standard for PCB Design?

Enter the Siemens ecosystem

Adopting PADS Standard for PCB Design, you enter the ecosystems of two well-recognized players of the industry: Siemens and Cadlog. PADS Professional is strictly integrated with all key Siemens technologies for electronics, like Valor NPI, HyperLynx, Simcenter FloTHERM XT, Solid Edge, and Process Preparation.

Tailored and localized service

If you have a question about how to improve your design and use the tools in the best way, you can refer to one of the well-known professionals, who are part of an international professional network, speak your language and have the knowledge to offer answers that are tailored to each customer’s needs.

You can use PartQuest

With PADS Standard you can Use PartQuest to research, identify, and purchase the right parts for your design. Then download the schematic symbol, footprint, 3D STEP model, and parametric information directly into your PADS library. All part models not readily available through search can be built for free and added to your library within 24 hours.

Collaboration with MCAD

With PADS you can easily collaborate within your own environment, consistently and iteratively, with an intuitive 3D visualization of both the PCB and enclosure. With fast and effective communication between you and the mechanical engineer, you can get products to market faster, while keeping development costs low.

PCB Design Analysis and Simulation with PADS Standard

PADS Standard PCB Design Analysis and Simulation capabilities are powered by HyperLynx technology, renowned for its accuracy and ease of use. From design to manufacturing, the analysis tools within PADS help you achieve optimum efficiency. You can ensure the functionality of your design with an integrated, easy-to-use SPICE analog simulator for board-level analog simulation. Define routing constraints with pre-layout analysis and verify your routed board. Find hotspots quickly and efficiently in components and PCBs, and detect manufacturing problems before they occur, in fabrication or assembly.

Circuit Simulation

Predict analog/mixed-signal circuit performance early in the product creation process.

Signal Integrity

PADS virtual prototyping detects and resolves potential signal degradation issues, such as overshoot and undershoot, ringing, and timing problems. Explore what-if scenarios, such as using different component families, then verify your choice in layout to reveal potential costly problems before prototyping.

Thermal analysis

Only PADS lets you find and resolve board-level thermal problems on placed, partially routed, or fully routed PCB designs.

Design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis

Minimize production issues, achieve fewer revision spins per design, and save time in your release schedule.

Electronics cooling

To model PCB Electronics Cooling systems (heatsink, fans, coldplate, enclosures) at product level

Electrical DRC

Identify complex electrical rule violations that affect design integrity and performance.

DDR analysis

An easy-to-use DDR simulator, guided by a wizard-based interface, provides powerful analysis for PCBs with DDR memory greatly reducing validation and debug cycles.

Power integrity

Solve power integrity issues by identifying high current densities and excessive voltage drop.

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