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Reduce design spins and costs with powerful, easy-to-use PADS analysis tools

The only PCB Design tool with complete Simulation and Analysis capabilities

PADS PCB Design Simulation and Analysis is powered by HyperLynx technology, renowned for its accuracy and ease of use. From design to manufacturing, the analysis tools within PADS help you achieve optimum efficiency.

When you need Simulation and Analysis capabilities, you can see what differentiates PADS Professional from its competitors. It is the only EDA tool that allows you to fully simulate your product and to do so early in the design process.

Ensure the functionality of your design before the physical layout

With PADS PCB Design Simulation & Analysis you can ensure the functionality of your design before you proceed to physical layout with an integrated, easy-to-use SPICE analog simulator for board-level analog simulation. You can define routing constraints with pre-layout analysis and verify your routed board. It also allows you to find hotspots quickly and efficiently in components and PCBs, and detect manufacturing problems before they occur, in fabrication or assembly. With PADS PCB Design Simulation & Analysis you can:

  • Easily explore what-if scenarios during the design process
  • Quickly verify signal & power integrity during floorplanning & layout
  • Optimize heat dissipation with built-in thermal analyses
  • Advanced options for SERDES, DDRx, and power integrity

Analog simulation

Signal integrity

Thermal analysis with PADS Professional

Thermal analysis

Design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis

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Discover all the Features of PADS Professional for PCB Design

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