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A complete, simple, and fast solution for Schematic Design capture and reuse

The PCB Schematic Design for the Siemens Ecosystem

The PADS Professional schematic capture environment provides a complete schematic design solution making the capture and definition of your schematic simple and fast. The integrated desktop enables the engineer to perform every key design creation task in a single environment. PADS PCB Schematic Design is an essential part of the integrated flow offered by Siemens Digital Industries.

Why Siemens and Cadlog offer you PADS PCB Schematic Design

PADS PCB Schematic Design provides everything needed for circuit design and simulation, component selection, library management, and signal integrity planning. Intuitive project and design navigation, complete hierarchical support, and advanced tools for design rules and attribute management help you meet your PCB design goals.

Why Integrated Flow is a key of success

The key element of success lies in the quality of the dialogue between schematic and layout. Siemens is not the only company offering such packaged solutions, but it is also the only company that can benefit from tight and tested integration between them inside a proprietary environment. This integration allows PADS Schematic Design software to provide a seamless and efficient flow of information towards PADS PCB Layout Design.

A good integration has three main benefits:

  1. It eliminates design errors
  2. It digitizes the information exchange
  3. It guarantees adherence to the design intents

PADS Professional Features as PCB Schematic Design

PADS Schematic component selection

Select the right part

PADS Schematic FPGA

Easily define high-pin-out devices

Capture design intent in one place

Find the parts you need

Product Variant Manager

Supply Chain Resilience

Cloud Enabled Collaboration

Easily access PartQuest, the online Library of Parts and Components for your PCB Schematic Design

PADS Professional has the largest number of parts, symbols, and footprints available, all for free on the web. You can use PartQuest to create your library by downloading Digi-Key parts with schematic symbols and PCB footprints directly to your PADS design project.

PartQuest is a search engine designed to provide an easy way to search for parts in the Digi-Key database and incorporate them into Siemens PCB design tools. With PartQuest, you can:

  • Quickly and easily search for parts
  • Organize parts from search into custom project folders
  • Download part property data for use in Siemens PCB design tools
  • Download symbol and footprint information from SymacSys
  • Link to a Dropbox account to save part data for later use

Find out more about PCB Design with PADS Professional

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