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PCB Layout Design

Work within the Siemens digital platform to create the most complex designs

From PCB Layout Design to Digital Twin

PADS Professional PCB Layout Design tools are the ideal solution for Small Design Teams because they combine ease-of-use with highly automated functionality to give engineers exceptional control over the creation of the most complex designs.

Creating a PCB Layout with PADS Professional is an activity that is part of a long-term scenario, in which all stages of product creation, from the concept to the use by the final consumer, are strictly connected and integrated. It is the Digital Thread promoted by Siemens, which allows you to create a Digital Twin of your product.


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Billions of IoT devices coming online in the next few years will require RF design capabilities that support ultra-fast 5G speeds. Read about the major challenges posed by RF technology and how to best address them with PADS Professional.

Keep full control of your PCB Layout in any Design Challenge

Sketch Router technology combines automatic routing power with user control during interactive editing operations, producing high-quality results with exceptional performance.

A fully integrated 2D/3D environment lets you address electro-mechanical optimization challenges at the PCB layout stage to eliminate costly, late-cycle redesigns. Component planning and placement can be completed in 2D or 3D, incorporating photorealistic 3D components, board structure, and enclosure.

  • 3D layout and MCAD collaboration
  • Automated placement planning and management
  • Auto-assisted interactive sketch routing
  • RF/analog/digital/embedded co-design
  • Constraint-driven routing and tuning of high-speed nets
  • Rigid-flex design
PADS PCB Design Layout

General Overview PCB Layout Design

RF Design

Addresses your most important Design Challenges

MCAD Collaboration

Auto assisted interactive Sketch Routing Technology

Placement Planning and Management

Correct-by-construction design methodology

Integrated 2D/3D editing environment

Find out more about PCB Design with PADS Professional

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Discover all the Features of PADS Professional for PCB Design

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