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Full integration of FPGA Design and PCB Design environments

FPGA PCB Co-Design for PADS Professional

With FPGA PCB Design provided by Siemens within the PADS Professional suite, companies can eliminate the barriers between FPGA and PCB designers, enabling design changes with greater accuracy and speed. PADS Professional FPGA/PCB provides correct-by-construction FPGA I/O assignment, allowing pin swapping and layout-based I/O optimization within the PCB process.

FPGA PCB Design allows you to decrease Design costs, shorten the Design cycle times, reduce Design errors, and assign the I / O correctly.

FPGA I/O optimization reduces Time-to-Market and Manufacturing Costs

FPGA I/O optimization provides an extensive set of easy-to-use functionality created to fully support schematic and PCB engineers with their FPGA-on-board integration. Furthermore, concurrent design processes provide greater accuracy and speed. Correct-by-construction FPGA I/O assignment allows for pin swapping and layout-based I/O optimization within the PCB process to significantly reduce the time-to-market of PCB systems and manufacturing costs, both absolutely key in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing design environment.

  • Reduce the total product design cycle time by changing a serial process into a concurrent process
  • Decrease PCB manufacturing costs by eliminating PCB signal layers
  • Eliminate PCB re-spins due to out-of-date FPGA symbols on the PCB
  • Utilize high-speed performance optimization
  • Remove the costs associated with creating and maintaining the FPGA symbol(s) for the PCB schematic

Discover all the Features of PADS Professional for PCB Design

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