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Everything a Small Design Team needs in PCB Design

PADS Professional is the affordable, intelligent, and integrated PCB design and verification flow tailored by Siemens for hardware engineers and small workgroups using the Xpedition technology, that was previously for the exclusive use of large international companies.

With PADS Professional design teams have everything they need to bring even complex projects into production quickly and without errors, for the most demanding challenges of today’s market.

Why choose PADS Professional for PCB Design?

Enter the Siemens ecosystem

Adopting PADS Professional for PCB Design, you enter the ecosystems of two well-recognized players of the industry: Siemens and Cadlog. PADS Professional is strictly integrated with all key Siemens’ technologies for electronics, like Valor NPI, HyperLynx, Simcenter Flotherm XT, Solid Edge, and Process Preparation.

Tailored and localized service

If you have a question about how to improve your design and use the tools in the best way, you can refer to one of the well-known professionals, who are part of an international professional network, speak your language and have the knowledge to offer answers that are tailored to each customer’s needs.

Top-class technology at your disposal

With PADS Professional you can design, validate, and manufacture complex PCBs because it is the cutting-edge solution that delivers Xpedition technology to Small-Medium Businesses and to engineering professionals who work outside a corporate CAD environment.

Digital Twin made easier

PADS Professional allows design teams to have fewer design spins with Virtual Prototyping including SI, PI, Thermal, DFM, and 3D validation. The Digital Twin of the product allows you to anticipate all analyzes and verifications at the initial stages of the project.

ECAD MCAD Co-Design with PADS Professional

PADS Professional provides powerful ECAD/MCAD CoDesign functionality that is easy to use and saves significant time. It allows the mechanical engineer and the electrical engineer to work in their familiar authoring tools, while also allowing the easy sharing of data between those tool environments. PADS Professional MCAD Collaborator works with any MCAD tool that supports the industry-standard IDX interface.

The flow is very simple and effective. The Mechanical Engineer starts the design by creating the board outline, inserting mounting holes, and placing critical components, such as connectors, heat sinks, and other large mechanical structures. In the meantime, the Electrical Engineer is working on the schematic. When the Electrical Engineer is ready to start placing components, he opens the 3D environment in PADS Professional and activates the MCAD Co-Design feature. The Electrical Engineer can now begin placing components in the familiar 2D environment. Rooms of components that were grouped together in the schematic can be dragged together onto the PCB.

Opening a 3D tab inside of PADS Professional will show the board in full 3D.  Components that were used in previous designs will already have 3D models assigned to them. STEP models may be downloaded from a vendor’s website and are also available from numerous free content providers. In addition, the Mechanical Engineer provides STEP models, created within his MCAD environment, for all mechanical components and piece parts like screws, stand-offs, brackets, and heatsinks.

White Paper

How schematic AMS simulation in PADS Professional can ensure proper design intent

By simulating your designs before layout or manufacturing, you can ensure that your circuitry is behaving as intended, while also eliminating costly performance issues later on. In this example, we will design and simulate an oscillator circuit with SPICE and VHDL-AMS models. We will then explore how to utilize the fully integrated features of AMS to simulate pre-existing schematic designs.

Discover all the Features of PADS Professional for PCB Design

Simulador DDR | PADS HyperLynx DDR

DDR Analysis with PADS Professional

DDR Analysis in PADS Professional provides powerful analysis for PCBs with DDR memory greatly reducing...

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Design Rule Check PCB

Design Rule Check PCB in PADS Professional identifies complex electrical rule violations that affect the...

Diseño PCB basado en FPGA


With FPGA PCB Design provided by Siemens companies can eliminate the barriers between FPGA and...

flotherm xt, electronics cooling

Electronics Cooling with PADS Flotherm XT

Perform Thermal Simulation in all the stages of the Design flow.

Análisis de caída de tensión con PADS HyperLynx DC Drop

PADS HyperLynx DC Drop Analysis

With PADS HyperLynx DC Drop Analysis you can avoid unexpected circuit behavior by identifying power-delivery...

pcb layout design, autorouting

PCB Layout Design

Reduce design schedules without learning a new tool, using the same selection, planning and placement...


White Paper

Digital transformation: How Siemens EDA helps you engineer a smarter future faster

This Siemens EDA manifesto white paper describes the unique value we deliver to customers making their digital transformation.

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