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PADS Professional Premium

An integrated solution without compromise for any PCB design challenge

The PADS Professional Premium edition gives you the full power of PADS Professional's end-to-end system design solution with integrated design data management, component research, and component sourcing knowledge.

PADS Professional is an affordable, intelligent, and integrated PCB design and verification flow for hardware engineers and small workgroups that delivers compatibility with Xpedition technology and extended collaboration for PCB engineering projects.

Why choose PADS Professional Premium?

Real-time Component Sourcing

The Supply Chain application empowers engineers with real-time component sourcing data provided by Siemens to make more informed part decisions when cost-of-change is lowest.

Seamless Cloud Collaboration

Connect for PADS Professional empowers you to go beyond your desktop work environment and seamlessly collaborate teammates worldwide via design data management, BOM management, and team sharing, visualization, and markup.

Part Search & Creation

The PartQuest Portal application provides the building blocks to design new products fast: a searchable catalog of 8M parts & ECAD library model content that can be downloaded, & the ability to create custom symbols & footprints.

Design Without Compromise

With PADS Professional Premium, your tools won’t limit your ability to design. Unlike other systems that advertise “price conscious” tools, the PADS Professional Premium flow is infused with vibrant, dynamic technology for a complete and comprehensive solution.

The same technological foundation as Xpedition

Professional Premium is built on the same technology foundation as that used to design the world’s most complex PCBs. PCB designers and hardware engineers who do it all – operating independently or in small workgroups – will find PADS Professional Premium to be the perfect solution.

It has everything needed to design complex PCBs within a tightly integrated flow:

  • Hierarchical schematic and table-based design creation with intelligent part selection and verification
  • Logical and physical variant management
  • Rigid-flex design capabilities
  • FPGA I/O optimization to reduce signal length and layer count and eliminate costly re-spins
  • Unified constraint definitions and management across the flow
  • Easy design reuse of schematic, constraints and layout
  • Board-level thermal analysis
  • Best-in-class PCB layout featuring:
    • A single layout environment
    • Concurrent 2D and 3D physical design
    • Correct-by-construction approach to placement, plane design and routing
    • Hierarchical component planning and placement
    • The industry’s most powerful inter- active routing environment for large busses as well as single-ended and differential pair nets
    • Ground-breaking sketch routing
    • Advanced fabrication design including HDI, RF, flex circuitry and embedded components
  • Component information and library management
  • Starter library with over 11,000 part numbers and IPC-7351B compliant.
  • Analog/mixed signal SPICE simulation
  • PCB documentation and manufacturing outputs
  • Design archive management and design review

PADS Professional Premium can grow as the needs of your designs grow

Analog/Mixed-Signal Simulation in PADS Professional Premium

Analog/Mixed-Signal Simulation

Routing Automtion in PADS Professional Premium

Routing Automation

RF Design in PADS Professional Premium


RF Design in PADS Professional Premium

RF Design

Signal Integrity Analysis in PADS Professional Premium

Signal Integrity Analysis

Design for Manufacturing in PADS Professional Premium


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