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Tools for electronic engineers as part of an integrated and holistic Digital Thread

PCB Design and beyond

PCB Design for Cadlog is part of the Siemens ecosystem, in which the different aspects of design are not managed separately - in separate "silos" of specialists - but following a holistic approach.

As a partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software, we provide a fully integrated software solution across our customers’ entire value chains, from initial conceptual design, manufacturing planning, and execution through service and support of both the products and plants that produce them.

Discover how our tools for PCB Design are integrated into a seamless digital thread throughout the entire Design flow:

PCB Design for best-in-class Electronics

Xpedition Enterprise is the industry’s most innovative PCB design flow, providing integration from system design definition to manufacturing execution.

xpedition enterprise
pcb design for manufacturing

PCB Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Home / PCB Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Concurrent DFM integrated…

ecad data management

ECAD Data Management

Home / PCB Design / Xpedition Enterprise / ECAD Data…

pcb layout software

PCB Layout Software

Home / PCB Layout Software The top-of-the-range solution for the…

pcb simulation

PCB Simulation

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Programa de diseño de esquemas de PCB

PCB Schematic Design Software

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multi-board systems design

Multi-Board Systems Design

An integrated environment for collaborative Multi-Board Systems Design where global teams can work on the same project in real-time.

pcb design creation

PCB Design Creation

Home / PCB Design Creation Define, verify, and communicate design…



Raising the pillars of digital transformation for next-generation electronic systems design

The electronics industry is fast approaching a new era of digital transformation. In this new paradigm, digital technologies create new business processes, cultures and customer experiences by bringing together all the aspects of product design, including mechanical and electrical, and streamlining the entire design process – from product inception all the way through to manufacturing.

PCB Design for Hardware Engineers and Small Workgroups

With PADS Professional design teams have everything they need to bring even complex projects into production quickly and without errors, for the most demanding challenges of today’s market.

PADS Professional PCB Design
Simulador DDR | PADS HyperLynx DDR

DDR Analysis with PADS Professional

Home / PCB Design / PADS Professional / DDR Analysis…

Design Rule Check de la PCB

Design Rule Check PCB

Home / Design Rule Check PCB Design Rule Check PCB …

Diseño PCB basado en FPGA

FPGA Based PCB Design

Home / PCB Design / PADS Professional / FPGA Based…

flotherm xt, electronics cooling

Electronics Cooling with PADS Flotherm XT

Home / PCB Design / PADS Professional / Electronics Cooling…

Análisis de caída de tensión con PADS HyperLynx DC Drop

PADS HyperLynx DC Drop Analysis

Home / PCB Design / PADS Professional / PADS HyperLynx…

pcb layout design, autorouting

PCB Layout Design

Reduce design schedules without learning a new tool, using the same selection, planning and placement functionality.

constraint management

Constraint Management for PCB Design

Home / Constraint Management for PCB Design Integrated constraint management…

Simulation and Analysis

Simulation & Analysis

Home/ PCB Design/ PADS Professional/ Simulation & Analysis   Reduce…

analog mixed signal simulation

Analog/Mixed-Signal Simulation

Home/ PCB Design/ PADS Professional/ Analog/Mixed-Signal Simulation   Simulate real-world…

PCB Schematic Design with PADS Professional

PCB Schematic Design

Home/ PCB Design/ PADS Professional/ PCB Schematic Design   A…


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