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PCB Data Management

Manage and share library and design data to support the PCB design flow

PCB Data Management Overview

Why is PCB Data Management important? Library and design data are critical elements that need to be managed and shared to support the PCB design flow. Today’s trends have added complexity — with the need to share more information, support global design and collaboration, and provide seamless integration between engineering and external PLM/ERP systems.

Our solutions provide a PCB data management infrastructure acting as a centralized data and information hub for both designs and libraries. These tools provide standard processes out of the box — from supporting concurrent design, design reviews, and approvals at critical milestones, to library requests, archiving, and distribution. This ultimately simplifies current costly and resource-intensive integrations, reducing ongoing maintenance and administration costs.

Our solutions provide both design creation/management and library creation/management tool suites, giving a complete product set for data management needs.

PCB Data Management

The PCB Data Management Challenge

Our flow for PCB Data Management is centered on a common design and library infrastructure between librarians, engineering teams, analysis tools, and experts, PCB layout, production engineering, and the manufacturing floor. Managing the evolving design data in this environment can be very dynamic, with the data continuously in change. Additional challenges are faced when concurrent design processes are supported, with multiple engineers working in parallel on the schematic, the constraints, and the layout.

The dynamics of an integrated, concurrent flow have proven to significantly increase productivity, but also to require integrated management of native design and library data throughout the lifecycle of the design. The complexities of this integrated data set must be clearly understood to accurately move or bundle the design data, or downstream issues can occur, and data can become out of sync — leaving engineers wondering if they have the right data. Historically, this has been attempted with custom or ad-hoc interfaces that are difficult to maintain and are error-prone.

The PCB Data Management challenge

Design Data Management

Our solutions address both WIP information management and design lifecycle management challenges by providing a centralized environment that manages all ECAD data and facilitates collaboration amongst engineers in real-time. Some of the built-in PCB design data management capabilities include:

  1. Version management of objects, including history tracking of source data for make-from designs
  2. Launch and management of authoring applications
  3. Management of data to support baseline events, such as design reviews, including redlines and markups and automatic notifications and approvals
  4. Generation of manufacturing outputs from the fully synchronized design, ensuring a complete production data package from the most current design files
  5. Multi-tiered solutions for the creation and management of parts and part data.
ecad data management

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Software for PCB Data Management

ecad data management

ECAD Data Management

The top-of-the-range solution for the entire PCB Design flow.


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