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Power Integrity Analysis with HyperLynx PI

Siemens simulation tools for High-Speed PCB Designers

Power Integrity Analysis with HyperLynx PI allows you to maximize design performance and minimize costs by analyzing the DC and AC behavior of your PCB’s Power Delivery Network (PDN) in an easy-to-use, “what-if” environment.

With HyperLynx PI you can fully apply Siemens‘ Shift-Left Design methodology, which integrates automated verification throughout the system design process to let designers find and fix errors where they happen, instead of waiting until later.

Why choose HyperLynx PI for Power Integrity Analysis of a High-Speed PCB?

All in one environment

HyperLynx offers all types of analysis in a single application, with one GUI. A user can literally be simulating a critical SerDes channel one minute, and analyzing a large power net’s decoupling the next minute, simply by selecting a menu item. This is possible thanks to a super-fast computational geometry engine combined with advanced materials modeling to produce highly accurate simulation netlists.

Automated SerDes analysis

With Automated SerDes analysis in HyperLynx PI, you can check Compliance in production use. Using HyperLynx, engineers can experiment in their existing and proposed systems to compare design alternatives. All of this in a very fast and easy way.

All PCB Layout systems supported

HyperLynx PI is tightly integrated with Siemens Xpedition and PADS Professional, but it is completely compatible with Altium Designer (through ODB++), Cadence Allegro, and OrCAD Layout tools, Zuken CR Series.

HyperLynx Product Family

HyperLynx PI is part of an integrated family of analysis tools for high-speed PCB design: Electrical design rule checking (DRC/ERC); Signal integrity analysis (SI); Power integrity analysis (PI); 3D electromagnetic modeling (3D EM).

Power Integrity Analysis of High-Speed PCBs made easy

With HyperLynx PI you can run Signal and Power integrity analysis from the Design planning phase throughout the Design process and in the Post Layout stage (see the screenshot below) to ensure that your products can be manufactured and work as intended in the field. Proper analysis can ensure that you meet your performance target. HyperLynx uses a combination of EM solvers, simulators, and geometry processing engines to achieve extremely fast and accurate results by combining many different analysis engines into one easy-to-use environment. You can solve complex problems that normally require the expertise of various specialists.

ower Integrity Analysis of High-Speed PCBs made easy

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