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HyperLynx Fast 3D Solver

All inclusive 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software

HyperLynx Fast 3D Solver is a 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software that enables efficient, full package model creation with multi-processing for faster turnaround time. It is ideally suited for power integrity, low-frequency SSN/SSO, and complete-system SPICE model generation while accounting for skin effect impact on resistance and inductance.

HyperLynx Fast 3D Solver is a tool provided by Siemens which offers Maxwell accurate quasi-static parasitics extraction for complex packages such as stacked die. Detailed coupling matrices and IBIS package models are quickly generated either directly, or via integration with Xpedition Package Integrator.

Why choose HyperLynx Fast 3D Solver as 3D electromagnetic simulation software?

Extreme Accuracy

This 3D electromagnetic simulation software handles all geometries with no reference plane assumptions. It gives you broadband model extractions to several GHz and ensures high-frequency modeling of skin effect for resistance and inductance.

Extreme Performance

HyperLynx Fast 3D Solver has a fast quasi-static extractor that quickly creates full system SPICE netlists. It guarantees multi-machine parallelization for fast run times. You can count on near-linear core scaling efficiently uses all CPU resources.

Extreme Usability

HyperLynx Fast 3D Solver is easy to use; any engineer can perform EM analysis. Its automation environment integrates EM analysis into the design flow. SI and PI modeling are available in a single environment.

Silicon-package-board co-analysis

All of the products in the HyperLynx Advanced Solvers family feature chip, package, and board import capabilities from industry-standard formats, with the ability to merge designs from different formats to provide seamless silicon-package-board co-analysis.

3D animations for a deep understanding of Power Density

HyperLynx Advanced Solvers provide power density animation plots that show how a structure conducts, reflects, or scatters energy.

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Find out more about HyperLynx Fast 3D Solver

Download the brochure to learn more about power integrity, low-frequency SSN/SSO, and complete-system SPICE model creation.

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