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PADS PCB Design software: free trial

Try and explore PADS Professional with our cloud-enabled trial!

Create a design from start to finish, and see how easy it is to use its advanced technology including rigid-flex design, RF design, and advanced routing, including HDI and area rules, to help get your job done faster!

Explore all the possibilities for PADS PCB Design software free download provided by Siemens for you:


PADS PCB Design software free download (overview)


Quickly complete a design in PADS Professional! You will see how easy it is to select parts, place symbols and wire a schematic, define constraints, place and route the PCB, and generate CAM files.

PADS PCB Design software free download (rigid flex design)

Rigid-Flex Design

Learn how to create a rigid flex design quickly by leveraging PADS Professional correct by construction environment. The tutorial and sample files show the process of how to define rigid-flex stack-ups quickly, create multiple board outlines, and define bend areas. You will also be able to visualize a rigid flex board and see the fabrication output.

PADS PCB Design software free download (HDI / Advanced routing)

HDI/Advanced Routing

During the HDI and Advanced Routing chapter, you will learn how to create and use blind/buried vias, set up rules for placing vias in pads, setting up your design rules to use different via types based on net classes, how to create area rules and define areas in the layout, how to define length and trace matching rules, how to add blind/buried vias along with stack vias, how to use routing automation to add traces and use automation to length match groups of nets.

PADS PCB Design software free download (RF Design)

RF Design

During the RF Design chapter, you will learn how to import RF shapes from a DXF, use this shape to create and symbol for your schematic, adding RF symbols to the schematic and define groups required for automation, how to define special localized rules for RF objects, using special routing automation for RF connections, and how to set up and use via stitching for trace contours and areas.

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