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Cadlog with Second Tree, to give a second chance to people living in refugee camps

Our sustainability project for 2022

Every year at Christmas, our solidarity tree is enriched with a new star. This year the one of Second Tree, the humanitarian organization we have decided to support, run exclusively by volunteers committed to offering education and integration programs for refugees in Northern Greece.

Second Tree

Why did we choose Second Tree

We immediately liked the real meaning behind the name of Second Tree: the idea of ​​having a second chance. Who among us in life has never dreamed to have one, even if just for a moment? Think it in a world where birthright still makes THE difference. For a moment, try to imagine wearing the worn shoes of these people forced to flee their country, their history, their loved ones, and not in search of fortune, but life.

Secondly, we liked Pedro's commitment, Martina's determination, Giulia's courage, just to name some of the volunteers involved in the field, where life is really uncomfortable. Where it is necessary to be if we want to make a difference in a world that wants us to be addicted to everything and nothing, easily influenceable and maneuverable.

Second Tree works in the camps of Katsikas, Agia Eleni, and in the city of Ioannina, reaching around 2,500 people of over 10 nationalities. The goal is to offer a second chance to those who often have not had even one in their life. Through educational activities, they give refugees and asylum seekers across Northern Greece the opportunity to develop urgent skills needed for life in Europe and build a furthermore fair society.

Second Tree

The time to act is now

As the Chinese proverb that inspired the name of the organization says: "The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second-best time is now".

This is our NOW!

The time to act, once again together, thanks to your ongoing trust and our ongoing commitment to building a sustainable company for everyone, for real.

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