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Electronics is strongly based on collaboration among different players. Even the smallest and simplest electronic device requires that a lot of people, companies, and technologies work toegther to get to the final result . Partnering is the key to success in electronics.

Our partners, the key to our success.

When we talk about our partners we refer both to our Customers and to the software companies we work with.

Our Technology Partners (the software houses we work with) provide us with the technologies, tools and solutions, that allow us to help our clients grow and succeed.

Our Clients are the people and Companies we partner with on a daily basis. We provide them with the best consultancy held by our experts of electronics. We train them to help them get the most from the tools they buy, we support them in any challenging project they might face in time.

Our Technology Partners

Siemens Logo

Siemens Digital Industries Software accompanies companies of any industry in the path of full digitalization. Its offering includes the most advanced solutions for the Electronics Industry, both in EDA software and Smart Manufacturing.


Downstream Technologies delivers integrated manufacturing data preparation solutions and the most superior environment to visualize, verify and document a PCB. Their solutions are essentials for many customers of us.

Circuit Byte

For over 20 years, CircuitByte has been helping customers in the electronic industry improve manufacturing efficiency while reducing costs by eliminating time and material waste. They help our customers, in particular, with BOM Connector, the most complete BOM tool on the market for electronic manufacturing.


Nano Dimension is a provider of intelligent machines for the fabrication of Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME). The company has developed one of the most promising machines for the future: the Dragonfly 3D printer for electronics. Cadlog is a partner of Nano Dimension for the distribution of this machine.

Our Clients

Being Electronics increasingly pervasive, our customers belong to many different industries: from Automotive to Medical, from Telecommunications to Aerospace, from Lighting to Nuclear. We began more than 30 years ago working with big, important customers but today our main focus are small and medium companies. Our goal is to allow them take advantage of the best technologies and expertise big companies can afford. That's why we use our skills and experience to draw customized, scalable solutions for our customers, able to help them scale their business.

Enter the ecosystem
of the Electronics Industry

Find out how to get the most out of your partnership with Cadlog and Siemens

Enter the ecosystem
of the Electronics Industry

Find out how to get the most out of your partnership with Cadlog and Siemens

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