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OEM – Software solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Learn how Digitization can change your position in the competitive landscape

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a kind of company that markets a complete product with its brand or that makes a part or subsystem used in another company's end product. In both cases, OEMs must take care of everything related to the product lifecycle. Maybe this is the reason why Cadlog has a lot of OEMs among its customers. Having Siemens as a partner, we can offer solutions allowing Original Equipment Manufacturers to handle digitally any aspect of the product lifecycle. The good news is what “digitally” means in our case.

Digitally means that an OEM can manage in a digital way any aspect related to the product, even if the product is physical, as is normally the case. Our proposal is to build step by step a Digital Twin of your product, right from the initial concept stage. This Digital Twin of the product will allow you to put under control any aspect of the design, of the production and of the life of the product itself. Your customers won’t have any surprise, because you will have already simulated any possible usage situations in advance. And you won’t have any surprise, as well, during New Product Introduction.


Accelerate Time to Market

Accelerate Time to Market is the top priority for any OEM. Whatever industry you operate in, you must expect a negative impact on revenue in case of the late launch of a product. Every day more reduces the window of opportunity to generate returns. Furthermore, your product risks becoming obsolete more quickly.

How is it possible to accelerate Time to Market for an Original Equipment Manufacturer? You know that Siemens is a leader in the global industry and that it is a big player since the nineteenth century. They know very well what to do when is the moment to introduce a new product in the market! Siemens has three secrets, which we want to reveal to you right now:

  1. use Simulation Driven Design to anticipate simulation at the first stages of the design, using it to drive your choices; in this way, you will avoid issues later in the design process - when corrections are much more expensive - and during manufacturing;
  2. carry out a deep Design for Manufacturing analysis, to anticipate any possible inconvenience during the manufacturing process;
  3. aims to have a New Product Introduction (NPI) right the first time, in the production engineering stage, by reducing setup time and standardizing your processes;
  4. improve the efficiency of your shop floor, by introducing Smart Manufacturing in your production lines.
oem time to market

Ensure control over the process

We know very well it is important, for Original Equipment Manufacturers, to have complete control over their processes, including manufacturing, quality, and the supply chain. The "Valor" solutions provided by Cadlog and Siemens for Smart Manufacturing allow OEMs to gain full control over their manufacturing – starting from data collection, through management of the material flow, all the way to analytics and enablement of intelligent decision making.

With software solutions like Opcenter Execution Electronics, you can enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution without changing your machines in the production line. In particular, you will be able to:

  • Collect and normalize data from all manufacturing stations.
  • Manage execution of the manufacturing process.
  • Manage material flow between warehouse and machines.
  • Gain real-time visibility of manufacturing KPIs and enable intelligent real-time decision-making.
oem control the process

Why choose Cadlog?

Siemens Ecosystem

The companies that work with us are confident that they are using the same technologies as best-in-class organizations and Siemens' Digital Twin-based method throughout the entire product creation cycle.

360-Degree Digitization

If we become partners, you will be part of a large industrial system in which many different companies cooperate to give you the best solution for Digitization in any field of your activity.

Specialists in Electronics

We have been working in Electronics for many years. We have built a portfolio of solutions and expertise which allow us to face any aspect related to the design and manufacturing of electronics.

Customer at the Center

When we work together, you will be the protagonist. For us putting you as a customer at the center means listening to your needs and helping you achieve your business goals in the most effective way.

Do you want to receive more information about Solutions for OEMs?

Do you want to receive more information?

Do you want to receive more information about Solutions for OEMs?

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