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Siemens Process Preparation for SMT Process Engineering

The complete solution for all process engineering tasks in New Product Introduction (NPI)

Valor Process Preparation is Siemens‘ Process Engineering solution for the SMT – Assembly and Test lines, ideal for a fast and high-quality New Product Introduction (NPI) right the first time.

Process Preparation efficiently meets the engineering demands of high-mix, low-volume production by digitizing the entire electronics assembly workflow in the operations of the SMT process.

Why choose Valor Process Preparation for Process Engineering?

Facilitates and improves documentation

Process Preparation simplifies the creation of documentation, using integrated and customized templates to achieve a simple and efficient process. Tight integration with the BOM ensures that any changes are automatically updated, avoiding consistency issues.

Accelerate New Product Introduction

Process Preparation increases engineering efficiency by using a single tool for all engineering activities for preparing the process. It eliminates redundant prep work with learning-based libraries, through automation, and through the use of templates.

Increase the utilization rate of the line

Process Preparation maximizes off-line preparation to eliminate online testing and error-related delays. It enables the rapid and consistent generation and maintenance of machine library data, with ad hoc configurations to minimize changes.

Allows portability of productions

Leverage the ODB ++ format to seamlessly move production between lines and factories, reducing engineering time and increasing the quality of the final product.
Allows for easy export and import of assembly projects.

A continuous digital flow based on ODB ++, the open and intelligent data exchange format

Siemens’ latest data exchange format, ODB ++ Process, enables the open exchange of process engineering information between autonomous machines, software vendors, and processes, helping accelerate new product introduction (NPI) and smooth manufacturing right the first time.

A continuous digital flow based on ODB ++, the open and intelligent data exchange format

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Siemens Process Preparation for SMT Process Engineering

Valor Process Preparation is Siemens‘ Process Engineering solution for a fast and high-quality New Product...

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