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New PADS Professional

Even more powerful, at the lowest price ever

PADS Professional

Future technology is within the reach of every designer, now.

Starting from 295€/month.


Smooth collaboration
between schematic and layout


Intelligent and real time
component search


New cloud
collaboration system

PADS Professional

gives you the best technology for electronic design and a huge set of features included and ready to use to manage all types of projects, from the simplest to the most complex, all with a single tool.

Choose the stability and high performance of the only electronic CAD in the world that gives you access to the latest technologies used by large electronics companies.

Now at a price within reach of every single designer, starting at 295€/month, thanks to the acquisition of Mentor by Siemens.

An easily scalable solution that allows you to respond YES to every market demand and make targeted investments with respect to your budget and your needs of the moment.

Discover the power of PADS Professional VX.2.11 from 295 €/month and start earning by saving now!

A choice that projects you directly into the future of the integrated flow for electronics, a future where the COLLABORATION between technologies and people will increasingly represent an essential necessity and an opportunity to be seized.

With Cadlog you have the guarantee

35 years of experience

of 35 years of experience
in electronics


Customized training
in your language


Ongoing support
from top experts

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