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Mixed Signal Design (AMS)

The best solutions to work effectively with AMS technologies

Front-end Analog Mixed Signal Design

The schematic capture is a front-end design tool with an easy-to-use design environment for creating all that is needed in Analog Mixed Signal Design. Its support for drawn schematic views, as well as SPICE, Verilog, Verilog-A and Verilog-AMS, and VHDL views, allows designers to easily swap in abstract or detailed models. Using schematic design checks, designers can quickly uncover common errors such as undriven nets, unconnected pins, and nets driven by multiple outputs. Catching errors early before running simulations boosts efficiency and speed, particularly essential in Analog Mixed Signal Design.

When creating an Analog Mixed Signal Design, designers need to be able to work in both domains exploring tradeoffs. The faster a designer reaches an optimal solution, the more time they can spend on tough corner cases. Designers can quickly explore mixed-signal architectures, then use the abstract Verilog-AMS models as an executable specification during detailed design of the individual blocks.

mixed signal design

Mixed Signal Design Simulation

Next comes simulating the design with a high degree of accuracy. This is no small task in a Mixed Signal Design, given the increasing size and complexity of circuits, and the challenge of supporting various components and behavioral models. Powered by a powerful analog simulator platform our solutions can deliver accurate results for today’s designs with superior performance and scalability. With a simple intuitive interface, the designer can set up and launch the simulation, view the results, and back-annotation results to the schematic.

Our full custom suite leverages its extensive technology leadership and global footprint for the benefit of designers working on mixed-signal projects. These designers face a slew of challenges, mostly related to the fact that the actual electronic continue to add increasing functionality and capability and grow in complexity. At the same time, business pressures are requiring designers to shorten time-to-market and reduce re-spins. This suite has been built from the ground up with the needs of the designer in mind.

While several EDA tool providers offer software for creating Analog Mixed Signal Designs, they either come at a high cost (low price-performance ratio) or are custom-made flows of point tools, requiring significant data manipulation and manual integration. Our solutions offer AMS designers a cohesive and comprehensive tool suite that delivers productivity, usability, and price-performance that is unmatched in the industry.

analog mixed signal design simulation

White Paper

By simulating your designs before layout or manufacturing, you can ensure that your circuitry is behaving as intended, while also eliminating costly performance issues later on. In this example, we will design and simulate an oscillator circuit with SPICE and VHDL-AMS models. We will then explore how to utilize the fully integrated features of AMS to simulate pre-existing schematic designs.

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Software for Analog Mixed Signal Design

analog mixed signal design simulation

Analog/Mixed-Signal Simulation

This Analog Mixed Signal simulation tool allows you to simulate your schematic designs using both...


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