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Increase Margins: Smart Manufacturing for Profitability

Discover which Siemens Tools help companies increase revenues during new product introductions and manufacturing execution.

Increase Margins in New Product Introduction (NPI)

The implementation of a Smart Manufacturing System in OEM companies leads to a reduction in Time to Market. For new products, Time to Market often represents the parameter that determines the profit: having the product on the market at the right time and before the competition allows you to obtain greater advantages and make the most of the market window.

The set of products dedicated to New Product Introduction (NPI) therefore represents a great opportunity. Especially those included in Siemens' Smart Manufacturing portfolio.

increase margins in electronics manufacturing

Increase Margins in Production Execution

Inserting an intelligent system of Production Execution means having the possibility to control one's processes and improve quality.

  • Resource Optimization: Optimized use of company assets is extremely important given the cost of equipment. Accurate and flexible scheduling allows increasing the use of the lines, especially for high-mix low-volume productions. It is also essential to be able to continuously monitor performance to identify slowdowns and their causes.
  • Zero-defect: another goal is to dramatically reduce defects due to materials and assembly operations. Scraps heavily penalize the production return and the margins linked to the materials. The repair cycle must also be controlled and efficient.
  • Material Management: the cost of components represents up to 80% of the cost of the assembled boards. An efficient material management system reduces and reduces waste, allows for optimized use of components and the reduction of sensitive materials for example. Misuse of materials can reduce margins.
Increase Margins in Production Execution

Why to choose Cadlog?

Siemens Ecosystem

The technologies already used by best-in-class organizations and Siemens' Digital Twin-based method made accessible for any small and medium business thanks to a set of scalable solutions.

360-Degree Digitization

You will be part of a large industrial system where many different companies cooperate to provide you with the best solutions for Digitization, whatever the field of application.

Experts in Electronics

We have been working in Electronics for more than 30 years. We have built a portfolio of solutions and own an expertise that allow us to face any aspect related to the design and manufacturing of electronics.

Customer at the Center

Listening to you, deeply understanding your company and requirements. Taking into consideration your budget and the goals you want to achieve. Supporting you daily to grow faster,  together.

Software for Increase Margins in Electronics Manufacturing

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Do you want to receive more information about increasing margins in Electronics Manufacturing?

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