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A Comprehensive HDL Design Environment that ensures a structured FPGA/ASIC Design Flow

HDL Designer is a powerful HDL-based environment used by individual engineers and engineering teams worldwide to analyze, create and manage complex FPGA and ASIC designs.

HDL Designer combines deep analysis capabilities, advanced creation editors, and complete project and flow management, to deliver an HDL design environment that increases the productivity of engineers and teams (local or remote), enabling a repeatable and predictable design process, as well.

Why choose HDL Designer?

Interactive HDL Visualization and Creation Tools

Whether a team is creating a design from the ground up or evaluating RTL for reuse, HDL Designer forms a part of a complete design solution for FPGA and ASIC development. Helping engineering teams analyze, create and manage their complex designs.

Design Quickly Using Optimal Methods

Designing and creating large designs from IP efficiently requires more than just writing RTL. HDL Designer Series provides engineers with a suite of advanced design editors to facilitate development: interface-based design spreadsheets and state-machine editing.

Quickly Assess New and Reused Code Quality

Hand-in-hand with code creation is Code Analysis. HDL Designer assists engineers in analyzing complex RTL designs, providing code integrity analysis, connectivity completeness analysis, HDL code quality assessments, and design visualization.

Manage Code Throughout Development Flow

In conjunction with Design Creation and Analysis, Design Management is the third important task facing designers. Along with managing the design data, teams need to manage the project throughout the design flow. HDL Designer tackles the design management problem by providing the designer with interfaces to other design tools within the flow; data and version management solutions.

Automated Design Rule Checking with HDL Designer

Automated design checking performed with HDL Designer reduces project costs and improves the quality of the HDL code. The automation decreases the manual code review effort, speeds the HDL code checking, and identifies design flaws early in the development cycle before simulation, synthesis, and production where it is less expensive and easier to correct the violations.

Design checking, which can be run interactively or via batched processes, identifies circuit implementation violations through the built-in synthesis engine, applies the checks design-wide to identify violations across module boundary crossings, and enforces coding style rules for readability, reusability, and coding consistency. The seven pre-configured rulesets, including the DO-254 ruleset, assist in adopting design checking while parameterizable checks enable the creation of customized rulesets and policies.

Quality metrics and violation results are summarized in the design checking reports and speed the design review process. Violations are cross-referenced to the HDL code and graphical source views to aid debugging.

HDL Designer makes your design process more efficient

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HDL Designer

HDL Designer offers a comprehensive HDL Design Environment that ensures a structured FPGA/ASIC Design Flow.

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