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The industry’s most comprehensive vendor-independent solution for FPGA Synthesis

Precision Synthesis is the industry’s most comprehensive vendor-independent solution for FPGA Synthesis. It offers best-in-class results for performance and area. Precision Synthesis has tight integration across the Siemens FPGA flow from C++/SystemC/RTL design through simulation and formal verification to board design.

What can you do with the Precision Synthesis Solutions

Precision Synthesis solutions from Siemens provides high-quality Verilog/VHDL/SystemVerilog synthesis for the latest FPGAs, easy-to-use debug and validation environment, comprehensive & user-friendly high-reliability synthesis, and tight integration with Siemens Catapult HLS & FormalPro LEC tools.

Precision Hi-rel for FPGA Synthesis

Precision Hi-Rel

Safety-critical and high-reliability applications pose unique challenges for FPGA designers. Safeguards must be put in place to account for single event effects that can disrupt system operation and lead to catastrophic failure.

The Precision Hi-Rel product, a Siemens EDA, a part of Siemens Digital Industries Software FPGA synthesis solution, offers unique synthesis-based capabilities for single event effects (SEE) mitigation with unmatched user control.

Precision RTL plus for FPGA Synthesis

Precision RTL Plus

With the complexity of FPGAs now approaching that of ASICs and SoCs, system houses must consider more advanced FPGA implementation flows. Precision RTL Plus provides advanced synthesis technologies as part of an integrated, FPGA vendor-neutral design environment. By delivering high-quality results and offering industry-specific requirements, Precision RTL Plus offers breakthrough advantages for both commercial applications and for military/aeronautics and safety-critical systems.

Precision RTL for FPGA Synthesis

Precision RTL

With a rich feature set that includes advanced optimizations, award-winning analysis, and industry-leading language support, Precision RTL enables vendor-independent design, accelerates time to market, eliminates design defects, and delivers superior quality of results.

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