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An easy to use, unified debug and simulation environment for FPGA Verification with advanced capabilities

ModelSim gives you a complete easy-to-use environment for Code Coverage Analysis, which is the prerequisite for Certifications in safety-critical industries.

ModelSim shortens your verification time by including an unprecedented level of verification capabilities in a cost-effective HDL simulation solution.

Why choose ModelSim?

Bridge the Design Verification Productivity Gap

Continuous innovation in hardware brings a huge gap between Productivity and Verification, with the need for Verification to evolve to keep pace and maximize potential.
ModelSim helps you to bridge this gap with Assertion-Based Verification.

Easy Code Coverage Analysis for Certification

In order to prevent any incident, certifications are always required by legal entities in safety-critical areas.
The validation/simulation with Code Coverage (mandatory for certification) can be easily done with ModelSim.

A robust product with a Relevant History

ModelSim is an efficient and robust tool, with a Relevant History. It is very important for certification! For this reason, companies like Airbus have been working with ModelSim for decades.

Reduce reworks and time delays in your projects

ModelSim users have fewer design spins with virtual prototyping including SI, PI, Thermal, DFM and 3D validation.
Correct by reconstruction layout reduces rework and time delays.

The Digital Twin in FPGA Design and Verification

The concept of Digital Twin – a digital replica of a physical entity – is increasingly used in the industrial sector, as digitalization expands its range of action to all aspects, both of design and production. It is also applicable to semiconductor design, as a digital representation of a product or system under development representing a functionally correct, predictable, and reproducible representation of the product or system at the appropriate level of fidelity to perform verification, performance analysis, and system validation tasks.

The evolution of FPGA features has led to the emergence of FPGA solutions that include the integration of third-party IPs, DSPs, and multiple processors, all connected via advanced high-speed bus protocols. All this translates into an offer of FPGA verification tools, based on the concept of Digital Twin, which helps designers to obtain high-quality products more quickly.

The ModelSim advantage in Code Coverage Analysis

Tools for Simulation and Verification

Questa Advanced Simulator

Questa Advanced Simulator

The Questa Advanced Simulator is a simulator and debug engine that reduces the risk of...

Questa Verification IP (QVIP)

Questa Verification IP

Questa Verification IP frees engineers from spending time developing BFMs, verification components, or VIP, to...

FPGA Design Verification

FPGA Design Verification with Questa Prime

The Questa verification solution is an assemblage of technologies, methodologies, and libraries for modern ASIC...



ModelSim gives you a complete easy-to-use environment for Code Coverage Analysis, a prerequisite for Certifications...


Verification and simulation tools from Siemens Digital Industries Software

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