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Build reliable electromechanical systems faster and at a lower cost

Solid Edge Electrical Design helps you overcome electromechanical design challenges with a dedicated solution for the electrical design that enables companies to speed the product development process for electromechanical products, enabling true co-design collaboration across electrical and mechanical domains.

Solid Edge Electrical Design allows you to build a complete Digital Twin of your electromechanical product, reducing the need for costly prototypes and enabling rapid evaluation of changes.

Why choose Solid Edge Electrical Design?

ECAD/MCAD integration

Thanks to the seamless integration with Solid Edge, MCAD and ECAD engineers can work with a unique connected mode that enables them to them collaborate very effectively when required. Electrical routing of cables in 3D has never been so easy.

Functional verification

Solid Edge Electrical Design includes key electrical simulation capabilities. Functional verification and electrical sizing features result in reliable, optimized products that are 100% functional.

Harness Design and Manufacturing

Automates wire harness engineering to create designs that are 100% manufacturable. You can validate wire harnesses before the output of manufacturing data in industry-standard formats.

Electrical Panel Design

An intelligent control panel layout tools work at both the schematic and 3D model level, allowing you to switch seamlessly between the schematic and the physical representation of your electrical panel.

Improving electromechanical design collaboration

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Enabling effective collaboration is critical for increasing productivity and delivering a robust design. With modern computer-aided design (CAD) tools and intelligent software, designers are able to synchronize their data more efficiently and collaborate between domains more effectively on critical items, thereby ensuring the design intent is properly implemented. This enables engineers to do what they do best: innovate.

How Solid Edge Electrical Design enables collaboration across domains

A tightly integrated electromechanical solution, such as Solid Edge Wiring and Harness Design, enables collaboration across domains, freeing engineers from having to attend meetings to discuss changes introduced by manual errors. Using an intelligent design methodology, the impact of a change in both domains can be assessed in a collaborative environment, allowing engineers to do what they do best: innovate.

Discover all Siemens Solutions for Electrical Design

Solid Edge Wiring Design

Solid Edge Wiring Design

A graphical design environment for creating wiring diagrams and service documentation. Features unique integrated electrical analysis and simulation that allow you to overcome electromechanical design challenges earlier in the design cycle.

Solid Edge Harness Design

Solid Edge Harness Design

A 2D graphical design environment for the harness and formboard design. Automates the complete design-to-production flow, significantly reducing production lead times and preventing manufacturing errors.

Solid Edge Electrical Routing

Solid Edge Electrical Routing

A dedicated, process-driven environment for the efficient creation, routing and organization of wires, cables and bundles in a 3D mechanical assembly. Enables the transfer of harness topology data between MCAD-ECAD environments, reducing time-to-market.

Tools for Electrical System Design

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solid edge electrical design

Solid Edge Electrical Design

Solid Edge Electrical Design helps you overcome electromechanical design challenges speeding up the product development...


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