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Electrical System Design

Addressing Complexity Via Digitalization

Interactive Electrical System Design

Engineering teams typically work in many abstractions of Electrical System Designs which can become challenging to integrate and manage as work progresses towards final deliverables. With Capital, engineers have a robust authoring environment capable of supporting a range of abstractions (ie. block diagrams, logical subsystems, wiring designs, etc.) while also providing robust automation between them to ensure digital continuity and traceability.

An approach to Electrical System Design that ensures quality

The Siemens approach to Electrical System Design enables cohesive design development across abstractions while also providing integrated design verification to ensure the requirements for designs have been satisfied with optimal quality.

As wiring designs mature with content and are integrated with 3D applications to ensure holistic design completion, harness designs can then be updated easily to ensure manufacturing is ready to build.

electrical system design

Software for Electrical System Design

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