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RF design: Accelerating RF PCB design in a 5G world EN

Today, IoT products are demanding higher frequencies and wider bandwidths than ever. Designs for devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearables will soon operate in a new spectrum with emerging 5G technologies. Meeting the challenges of 5G in RF PCB design requires an RF-centric design flow and support.
In this unique infographic, you’ll learn what you need to meet the RF design challenges associated with 5G technology and how to accelerate your product design with a flow that not only understands RF design but also features capabilities that are specific to RF, from schematic to layout.
This is one of 10 Reasons To Choose PADS Professional​​.

How schematic AMS simulation in PADS Professional can ensure proper design intent EN

By simulating your designs before layout or manufacturing, you can ensure that your circuitry is behaving as intended, while also eliminating costly performance issues later on. In this example, we will design and simulate an oscillator circuit with SPICE and VHDL-AMS models. We will then explore how to utilize the fully integrated features of AMS to simulate pre-existing schematic designs.

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