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Valor Parts Library (VPL)

A PCB part library with an accurate physical model of each BOM component

The Valor Parts Library (VPL) is a PCB part library that provides physically accurate models of electronic components used as a Digital Twin for PCB Design for Manufacturing (DFM) as well as assembly, inspection, and test applications.

The VPL contains more than one billion manufacturer-specific part numbers, including the dimensioned package model for each part. All information about the physical package is derived from the part manufacturer’s datasheet. Additionally, customers may choose to create their own VPL content with the provided part creation tools.

Why choose Valor Parts Library for PCB parts?

Facilitates the NPI process

The Valor Parts Library connects PCB Design to Design For Manufacturing (DFM), speeding up the New Product Introduction (NPI) process. Comprehensive DFM analysis of a PCB design can be performed using the Valor Parts Library and Valor NPI.

Reduce NPI costs

Valor Parts Library removes the cost and process bottleneck of researching component data with its PCB Design and Manufacturing database which is customizable and expandable for adding proprietary or third-party components.

Perform a comprehensive PCB DFM

With Valor NPI users can perform comprehensive assembly DFM analysis of a PCB design using the Valor Parts Library. The VPL enables customers to identify potential solderability issues with their component footprints that otherwise could not be determined without having to build physical prototypes. The VPL, when used with Valor NPI detects footprints that have an insufficient heel, toe, and side spacing for proper solder filleting.

Analyze your design the same way your EMS does

With Valor Parts Library, a designer can analyze their design the same way their EMS provider does, which means they can send accurate instructions to manufacturing, preventing errors down the line. Results from assembly analysis done in the Valor Parts Library package are automatically displayed within Xpedition.

Valor Parts Library

White Paper

VPL enables Valor NPI to perform DFM checks with much more detail than any other available library. This paper explains the features of VPL and then presents a Best Practices section illustrating usage.

VPL enhances your existing PCB design library with robust data suitable for DFM

Even the highest-quality PCB design libraries contain only a fraction of the data available in the VPL. The VPL library consists of more than one billion electronic component manufacturers’ part numbers. The VPL library contains accurate component geometries, referred to as packages, and part attributes such as height, pitch, length, and width. Package names comply with JEDEC JES-D 30I standards.

Employing assembly-level DFM checks allows potential manufacturability issues to be identified during PCB
design before releasing data to manufacturing. However, this assembly-level DFM is only as good as the quality and content of the component representation used. The VPL provides a high-quality and reliable representation of a component package for use during assembly-level DFM analysis, as illustrated below.

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